MonFeb 10 2015
14:02:33 pm

Division of Absolute Exhibits

Division of Absolute Exhibits

Absolute Exhibits was established in 2000 in California and we are now a leader in the trade show and exhibit industry. The principals of Absolute Exhibits have over 20 years experience in this industry.

Absolute Exhibits started as a portable/modular distributor. Now we rent large custom exhibits at over 300 shows in the USA and in countries around the world. However, we never forgot our roots. Displays & Exhibits was created to serve the needs of first-time exhibitors, seasoned exhibitors that go to multiple local, regional, national and international shows and clients that do community work, in-house events, fairs, and festivals.

Absolute Exhibits offers top-notch customer service. That has helped us build our business over the past 12 years and our clients expect it of us. We are a one stop resource for our clients. In addition to the large custom exhibits that we supply them, our Absolute Exhibits clients need what we offer on Displays & Exhibits. So we offer these products to them, and to you, along with the level of customer service and support that they’ve come to expect from us on their custom exhibits.

Bottom line: We want every customer to make the right choice for their needs, and we need to be there for all of our clients. There is a wide range of quality when considering trade show display exhibits. Buying from a major industry company with established and long-term roots in trade show production is really your best decision.