Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

“We’ll issue a refund for 110% of the difference.

If you find the identical item or package, including all items and shipping costs (excluding applicable taxes), within 10 days of your purchase from Displays & Exhibits, you can receive a refund for 110% of the difference.

The item must be the same item and must include the same components and/or accessories as what you have purchased from Displays & Exhibits. Since at times we offer free shipping site wide and include many items with our packages that others charge for, our competitor’s price quote must include everything that comes included in your Displays & Exhibits purchase.

The item must be available in stock from a real online store (excluding auction sites) that we may call to verify your price. The store must have been in business for at least twelve months prior to our calling for verification.

The item must be advertised at a lower price in new/ unused condition (not refurbished/open box) and it must be available for immediate shipping.

To make a price adjustment claim:

E-mail or fax to us a written quote from the other business. Upon verification of authenticity, we’ll issue a refund for 110% of the difference.