Choose The Right Event

There are two distinct ways to research the right event, through Trade Show Associations, which in most cases organize and blank national and regional private industry shows and groups that put on Public Shows and Expositions, which are shows that are open to the public and normally have items for sale at the booth space. Also you will find additional resources on this page for Wholesale Product Directories.


  • Location

    like in retail, the location of your booth is critical. If they are giving you a deal to be on the second floor or in the last aisle – do not consider it!
  • People are Timid

    take enough booth staff to interact because people may not take the actions you expect
  • Use a Show Stopper

    an exciting video (not a power-point) or a creative demo will grab attention
  • Strike while the iron is hot

    Make the sale or set the appointment on the show floor, do not wait