Both Attractive and functional!

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Turn any wall into a merchandising display! Think of a slatwall panel as a blank canvas. Adorn it with shelves, hooks, hanging racks and create a collage with your mechandise. Our slatwall panels are versatile, crafted with precision, and are widely used in the tradeshow and retail industry. The connectors that come with our slatwall panels allow for an easy do-it-yourself installation and the modular design optimizes their portability, simplifying both transport and assembly.

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Fabric walls, modular walls, fabric back walls, even graphic walls have one thing in common … there is no way to hang and show allot of products, maybe a shelf or two. However if you have a group of products to present at a trade show then you must have a slat wall exhibit. The only other choice is pegboard – and really is that your image? Display Slatwall is different than the 4’ x 8’ retail store walls. This is made to breakdown, is independently sturdy, and has room for graphics and signage. Slatwall accessories run the gamut from shelves, to hooks, to any number of acrylic items like ball holders, har holders, and the like. We have it all and if we don’t we will find it for you. When you go to a show to sell you whole line of product that is true face to face marketing – show if off in its own best light!