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Trade shows are the best way to get your goods and services in front of the people who need to see them the most- your potential leads, prospects and customers.  However, when budgets are tight, many exhibitors fail to reach these very important people.  They suffer from blending in with the crowd and being passed over.  Often, they only attract their own customers to these trade show booths and fail to meet with the people they’re seeking to connect with at the show.  The good news is there is a variety of affordable options to increase your visibility and to appeal to a wider audience at the trade show with your trade show display.  Consider the following:

Put Your Name in Lights in Your Trade Show Display

When exhibitors have a 10×10 or 10×20 space, it can be difficult to grab visitors’ attention in the seconds it takes to scan the row.  A great way to do that is by selecting a backlit tension fabric display.  Exhibitors’ branding and messaging is illuminated from within the extrusion frame itself, casting a glow on the brand and graphics.  These are affordable options for exhibitors in 10×10 and 10×20 trade show booth spaces and they stand out in a row of exhibitors all in the same sized space.

Another great lighting option is to add LED lights to your pop up trade show display.  These lights can be easily angled to shine down on your branding and messaging, helping you to stand out from the rest of the crowd.  These are a very affordable option, particularly if you already have a trade show display.  Many of our trade show display kits also include lighting options to ensure you’re more easily seen on the trade show floor.

Add Media Components to Your Trade Show Display

Media such as video is a great way to reach your intended audience.  While people are very visual creatures, the trade show displays that include this medium are better able to capture people’s attention because the video includes motion.  Similar to light, motion is a powerful way to capture people’s attention on the trade show floor.  Whether you’re evaluating a trade show display with a built in monitor mount to support your tv or you’re seeking to add a separate media kiosk to your back wall, consider how you can use media to reach a wider audience.

Video isn’t the only form of media available to exhibitors in smaller sized trade show booths.  Many exhibitors also opt for ipad kiosks to provide touch screen demos to visitors in their trade show display space.  By engaging the sense of touch, exhibitors are better able to reach yet another segment of their audience who wants to physically inspect or touch items to better understand how things work.

Add Banner Stands or Flags to Your Trade Show Display 

The addition of banner stands or flags to your trade show display means that you can further inform visitors or passerby of your goods and services.  You can announce new products, direct people in to compete in a giveaway drawing, and more.  Even larger exhibitors often include banner stands and flags in their custom trade show exhibits.  The reason why is they work to grab people’s attention.  Who doesn’t notice a brightly colored banner stand or flag waving down the aisle?  Consider how you can use this to your advantage on the show floor.

Opt for a Selection that Includes a Shelving System or Reception Counter in Your Trade Show Display

Another great way to show off your goods and services at the show and to attract a wider audience is to put your goods or information about your services on display.  A great way to do that is by purchasing a trade show display that includes a shelving system or a reception counter.  The extra space allows you the freedom to put out your retail goods, giveaways, or items representative of your brand.

There are many great ways to appeal to a wider audience on the trade show floor.  With these suggestions, you can make a more informed decision on what items you’ll need for your trade show display.  For more great suggestions, ask your Displays and Exhibits Account Specialist who can guide you through the selection process.

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