Budget-Friendly Trade Show Display Refresh Options

Many businesses were hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In many cases, some exhibitors who were once in larger trade show booth spaces will now be occupying smaller spaces.  If you were thinking of upgrading, you might be thinking of staying put to conserve cash flow.  All of this is understandable given the circumstances.  That’s why we’ve put together some budget-friendly trade show display refresh options for you.  There may not be a need to go big and upgrade this year, but you may have a need to revitalize your trade show display all the same.  Try these options:

Replace Your Trade Show Display Graphics

One of the easiest ways to make your trade show display look new again is with a fresh set of graphics.  Many exhibitors tend to hold onto their displays for years at a time.  At some point, that messaging no longer resonates with the audience.  New products get released, colors fall out of fashion, and new campaigns are introduced.  Bring your trade show display current with the budget-friendly option of replacing your trade show display graphics.  If your frame still works for the space you’ll be occupying when trade shows return, keep it.  Replace your display graphics instead.  This will allow you a much cheaper option of giving your display a face lift without having to cut deeply into your budget. 

Consider Adding Accessories to Your Trade Show Display

If you previously considered replacing your trade show display but felt the impact of the pandemic, it may be in your best interest to make more subtle changes instead.  Consider adding accessories to your display instead.  That way, you can maximize your trade show budget by giving your display a face lift instead of a full overhaul.  Accessories such as hanging signs,  light boxes and new counters can all help your display look newer and fresher.  Whether you’re in a small booth space and add new shelving to a pop up display or you’re in a larger space with more room, you’ve got options.

Become More Tech Savvy

Technology is often used on the show floor because it works to help tell your brand story using movement, light, video, and sound.  This is why it’s so popular. The great news is that you can integrate technology into any size display- whether a 10×10 inline space or a 10×20 booth space.  Pop ups can add monitor mounts to hang their LED monitors on and play video.  Larger spaces can get savvier with items such as media kiosks or even with the addition of a digital banner stand.  These are excellent tools to help take your audience on a journey to learn more about your brand on the show floor.  The movement, the light, the sound- it all helps capture people’s attention and drive them to your booth space.  This is why integrating technology into your trade show display is so effective and important.

Select a Reconfigurable Trade Show Display

Exhibitors who once occupied 20×20 or larger trade show booth spaces may decide to downsize into a 10×20 booth space in 2021.  The odds are they will likely rebound again and start exhibiting in larger spaces.  That’s why we recommend a reconfigurable trade show display.  A reconfigurable display is all about options.  The back wall is joined together by separate panels that are magnetically attached.  When broken down, they can create smaller items such as a 10×10 back wall and banner stands.  These kinds of options are great to have on hand, even if you return to exhibiting in larger spaces.  The reason why is now your marketing team can target regional trade shows with equipment on hand.  Alternatively, you can use the banner stands in the lobby of your office building, the back wall at corporate events, and more.  It gives the marketing team more flexibility to purchase a reconfigurable display that they’ll get more mileage out of over time.

All indications point to trade shows returning in the fall and winter.  Region by region, shows will come back.  If your business will be attending, it’s important to make a great impression.  Consider using this advice to give your brand a makeover on the show floor.  For more guidance, please contact one of our Account Specialists who can help you decide what’s right for you.