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08 x 04 Round Single-Sided Hanging Sign


08 x 04 Round Single-Sided Hanging Sign Graphic


Every business wants to stand out on the trade show floor or in the exhibition hall.  In a room full of hundreds, if not thousands, of exhibitors, this can be difficult to do if you’re not the giant in the industry.  We can’t all be the market leader, but your brand can look like a force to be reckoned with by expanding branding options to include a hanging sign overhead.  A hanging sign is an excellent way to improve the look and feel of a modular trade show display.  This lends not only legitimacy to your business’ strength and position in the industry, but also offers trade show attendees a way to find businesses on the trade show floor.

With an 08 x 04 round single-sided hanging sign, exhibitors whether in a 10 x 10 trade show display or a larger 10 x 20 trade show display are able to expand their branding and expand their messaging across the exhibition hall.  No matter what entrance people use, a hanging sign overhead is visible across the trade show floor.  This is great news for businesses seeking to stand out from the crowd.  Don’t settle for being one of thousands if you can stand out and present your logo, branding, and messaging to a wider audience.  This can be accomplished with a handsome and easy to set up hanging sign.  Take your destiny in your hands and make sure the most amount of trade show attendees see your branding and stop by your trade show display with the addition of an overhead hanging sign.

The 08 x 04 Round Single-Sided Hanging Sign Includes:

– Economy aluminum tube frame features bungee cords for easy connections
– Quick set up
– Graphics are single-sided
– Frame comes with hanging cables and graphic with a carry bag

*graphic in the picture is not to scale.  It is solely representative of shape.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 19 × 19 in

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