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10′ Slatwall Display with Storage



When it comes to freestanding slatwall displays, this is by far our most stylish and practical pre-configuration that we can propose for your trade show booth and after we explain why you will see it for yourself.  This neatly organized slatwall display is designed on a visual balance principle that is popular in photography, interior design and now trade show displays for a reason: it works. We are, of course, referring to the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is a set of guidelines used to place elements within a design as a way to control where the viewers’ eyes will travel and what they will notice.  Odd numbered groupings of items also create more visual interest and simplify decision making for your retail customers or trade show attendees as opposed to an even distribution of products.

The 2 included slatwall storage cabinets are the foreground of your trade show display and will allow you to place trade show promotional products or literature within arm’s reach of your shyer visitors. Once the visitors are immersed into the trade show booth, the softened angles of the lateral slatwall panels will direct them to the focal point of your trade show exhibit which is deepened with sharp 90-degree angles and dark colored shelves.

Showcase your merchandise with style at your next trade show exhibit within a slatwall display that is budget friendly, easy to setup and purposefully designed to draw in visitors.

The 10′ Slatwall display with storage includes:

32 2′ x 2′ Panels
4 Full Connectors
24 Full Hinged Connectors
8 Side Finish Connectors
1 Top Finish Connector
6 Top Hinged Connectors
2 Corner Connectors

Counters with storage comes equipped with
16 2′ x 2′ Panels
16 Full Hinged Connectors
8 Top Hinged Connectors

Additional information

Weight 300.48 lbs

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