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10′ x 10′ Modular 4 Panel Display Backwall Kit


10' x 10' Modular 4 Panel Display Backwall Kit Graphic


What are your goals for exhibiting at your next trade show?  Don’t you want your trade show display to feature plenty of real estate for your brand story, your messaging and graphics that will allow you to communicate better with your audience?  Our 10′ x 10′ Modular 4 Panel Display Backwall Kit offers plenty of real estate to spread out your messaging and graphics so your audience is able to instantly connect with your branding and understand what your goods and services are that are on exhibit.

This unique 10′ x 10′ trade show display offers an architecturally interesting trade show display that isn’t just your run of the mill backwall.  In fact, it offers dimension more commonly seen in custom builds on much higher budgets.  In addition to the panels and push-fit graphics, this unique trade show display also features 3 120 watt floodlights that attach above the display to shine a light on your messaging so nobody misses your presence on the trade show floor.

When you’re competing with a line of other 10′ x 10′ exhibitors, you’ve got to make an impression quickly or you could lose the attention of your audience in mere seconds.  This is why the unique look and lighting is such a great choice for your exhibiting needs.  You’ve got plenty of space to spread out your visuals to communicate with your audience to announce your goods and services, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be able to reach more leads and prospects.  When increasing your trade show ROI is a priority, this is an excellent option to accomplish that goal!

Our 10′ x 10′ Modular 4 Panel Display Backwall Kit Includes:

– 50mm silver extrusion frame
– Single-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics
– Easy step-by-step instructions
– Kit includes frame, four fabric graphics, three 120 watt floodlights, one wheeled molded case

*lights are included in the kit but not depicted in the above image.

Additional information

Weight 111 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 29 × 15 in

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