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2×3 Oval Column Counter


2x3 Oval Column Counter Graphic


Not all trade show displays are built the same.  With varying trade show booth sizes and varying designs, not all exhibitors want the same one-sized-fits-all approach to a trade show reception counter.  For those people, we offer the 2×3 Oval Column Counter.  This stylish and modern reception counter offers exhibitors something unique to present at the forefront of their trade show display.  When you want to make a visual impact that piques people’s interest, try the 2×3 Oval Column Counter.

Key Advantages of the 2×3 Oval Column Counter:

We all know the importance of having a trade show reception counter to greet trade show attendees.  It is also a handy place for trade show booth staff to hang out and congregate when they’re not conducting product demonstrations or giving out trade show giveaways.  Why not also make it something unique that sparks a conversation?

The 2×3 Oval Column Counter is also lightweight and easy to transport to and from the trade show floor when you choose to upgrade to the wheeled molded case that’s sold separately.  Assembly and dismantling of the reception counter is also easy enough that one person can do it alone.  They don’t require the help of their team, although many hands make light work.  Your team certainly doesn’t need to hire a team of laborers at expensive rates to erect or tear down the trade show reception counter.

The 2×3 Oval Column Counter includes: 

– Lightweight frame
– Option of standard, unprinted spandex* or custom printed push-fit silicone edge fabric graphic
– Counter** max weight = 15 lbs
– Easy and quick to assemble
– Optional wheeled molded case upgrade

*Standard color options: amethyst, ruby, emerald, silver, jet
**Tabletop / Base color options: silver, black, mahogany, natural

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 20 × 6 in

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