Enhance Your Trade Show Messaging with the Right Accessories

When attending a trade show, it’s all about your trade show messaging.  What messaging do you want to convey to people?  Are you the market disruptor?  Are you their trusted partner?  Maybe you’re the low-cost solution businesses have been searching for but didn’t know it.  Once you’ve defined your trade show messaging, you have to find the best way to get that message across.  Obviously, your graphics will be the first way to communicate your messaging.  However, the right accessories can help you as well.  We’ve listed some that can help you spread that message further:

Media Kiosks to Enhance Trade Show Messaging

If you’ve got the space, media kiosks are a great way to enhance your trade show messaging.  You can mount an LED monitor on a media kiosk and play commercials about your goods and services.  Alternatively, you could broadcast testimonials or a video walk-through.  There are many possibilities.  The end result is that you’ll be using a digital medium to expand your trade show messaging.  People who might have been interested in your trade show display graphics may be even more interested after watching your video at the media kiosk.

Dynamic Light Boxes Can Expand Your Trade Show Messaging

One of the best ways to tell your brand story is through a dynamic light box.  Light boxes are often used to offer more information about products, but they can also tell a visual story to connect the dots in your trade show messaging.  You can select a custom programmed light series or you can select a pre-programmed light series.  Imagine being able to show how something like how a fintech solution would connect an end-user or demonstrate how delicious a food product is by showing it get eaten or drank.  Light is one of the best ways to attract people to your trade show booth, but when used cleverly, it can also enhance your messaging.

A Double-Sided Hanging Sign Can Spread Your Messaging Farther

If you’ve got a 10×20 trade show booth space or larger, you’re allowed to use hanging signs above your space.  A double-sided hanging sign would be a great way to spread your messaging farther.  Your brand and any tagline or messaging you include will be visible from across the trade show floor.  Additionally, with a double-sided hanging sign, you’ll have more space to show off branding and messaging.  You’ll be able to communicate more and pique the interest of trade show attendees.  This kind of visibility can cause someone to come find your booth space who might not have known anything about your brand previously. 

There are many great accessories that you can include in your trade show booth to expand your message’s reach.  The great part is that each of these we discussed are also touchless options for trade show attendees.  In the post-pandemic exhibiting climate, this is something that your business may want to consider.  How will you engage attendees without the fear of having to wipe down surfaces after every single touch to enhance safety on the show floor?  For more great options and ideas, contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly Account Specialists.  Their depth of product knowledge and experience on the show floor can help provide necessary guidance for your next show.