Grow Your Business and Save Money with Proper Trade Show Planning

Businesses adopt trade show exhibiting programs because they want to increase sales and ultimately, grow their businesses.  However, the reality is that trade shows can be expensive.  If you’re seeking to grow your business and save money, it’s important to engage in proper trade show planning.  How do you do that?  Let’s discuss some of the best techniques:

Start the Process of Trade Show Planning Early

They say the early bird gets the worm and they’re right.  Often, if you book next year’s trade show booth at your current trade show, you’ll be able to take advantage of discounts and better trade show booth placement.  Waiting until the last minute could mean increased fees and being shoved into the back by the bathrooms that people are hesitant to use because they’re so far across the trade show hall.  This is why starting early is such an important part of trade show planning.  Start early or you may find you’re struggling to keep up when everyone else is already far ahead of you.

Select Your Trade Show Booth Space Carefully

Another very important piece of proper trade show planning is the selection of your trade show booth space.  You may have a budget of ten thousand dollars, but after the selection of your trade show booth space and planning on travel, your trade show planning can hit a wall because you realize you’ve gone too big and neglected to reserve enough room in the budget for your trade show display.  This is a very common theme among exhibitors.  Rather than exhibit with a folding chair in the middle of a 20×20 island trade show booth, they often contact a trade show display house outside of the country and cross their fingers whether or not their display will arrive in time, whether it will be as advertised, or if it will get stuck in customs.  Instead of taking the gamble, its best to engage in the best trade show planning and select a realistic trade show booth space that will both accommodate your needs and not require contacting iffy exhibit houses abroad.

Select the Best Trade Show Display for Your Budget and Requirements

Part of proper trade show planning is realizing what your true needs and requirements are instead of clinging to your wishlist of items, even if significantly outside of your budget.  It’s time to get real and work within your trade show budget.  To do so, your trade show planning should be relegated to perusing the trade show displays that actually fit within that budget and figuring out which accessories you can and should purchase to stay within both that budget and your needs and requirements.  Often, people get attached to a picture or description online without realizing their display won’t look anything like that.  Keep yourself grounded in your trade show planning to avoid this kind of over excitement and potential waste of money.

Try these best practices when it’s time for your trade show planning.  What can seem like a complex process can be boiled down into a simpler process if you approach it logically.  For more great ideas, contact us on LiveChat and we can discuss your unique needs and requirements.