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Small products are easily lost in the overwhelming visuals on the trade show floor.  There are hanging signs vying for attention, colorful exhibits, LED monitors blaring commercials and more.  How does an exhibitor hope to keep the focus on their small products?  Whether your trade show display is 10×10, 10×20, or larger, there are many options available to you.  Try the following ideas for featuring small products in your trade show display:

Invest in a Slatwall Trade Show Display

Slatwall is an incredibly versatile trade show display.  Whether your business is clothing, pet supplies, or stationary, a slatwall trade show display can offer something very functional that can be decorated to become beautiful.  Slatwall displays offer plenty of room for shelving or hooks to hang product, banners, and more.  They can also be configured to include storage options and specialty shelving.  With a slatwall trade show display, exhibitors can easily incorporate their small products into their design.

Choose a Hybrid Modular Trade Show Display

If you’ve got a healthy budget, a hybrid modular trade show display is an excellent solution for an upscale looking exhibit.  It can also easily be configured to highlight your small products in shelving options or with graphics, bridges, or messaging.  The beauty of a hybrid modular trade show display is the wide variety of options available to retailers seeking to show off their small products in style.

Add LED Lighting to Your Next Display

With LED lighting, exhibitors can literally shine a light on their small products.  This can help keep the focus where it belongs- on the items you’re hoping to sell.  In a crowded trade show hall, lighting becomes as important as color and motion in larger exhibits.  The strategic use of lighting to highlight small products can ensure even a modest display focuses on the product.

Make a Big Splash with Backlit Graphics

Your small products don’t have to remain small when you invest in a large backlit graphic trade show booth.  Your designer can create a life-sized version of your product that will be highlighted by the backlit structure.  This helps to make sure your branding and product messaging is in people’s eye line as well as ensuring they notice it with the addition of extra lighting.

Small products can be difficult to highlight in a trade show display.  However, by choosing the right product and the right approach towards exhibiting those small products, even startups can attract the attention their small products deserve. For more advice, contact us on LiveChat today.

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