How to Grow With Your Trade Show Display

Many exhibitors start exhibiting in a relatively small space.  If they’re not part of a new innovations or technology pavilion, they often start in a 10×10 trade show booth space.  On the trade show floor, money spent only gets you what’s referred to as pipe and drape and a folding table and one chair.  Known as an entry level exhibiting space, exhibitors often take this and make due until they can then afford to spend more on their trade show branding and messaging.  Does this mean you’re locked into one kind of display to fit that space forever?  No.  Does this mean that if you grow to a larger space that you won’t be able to use what you’ve purchased?  Also no.  With this in mind, we’ve compiled the best ways to grow with your trade show display:

Start with an Affordable Trade Show Pop Up Display Kit

One of the best ways for exhibitors to fill their 10×10 trade show booth immediately is with a pop up trade show display kit.  These kits are affordable and often feature either SEG or UV coated fabric, often come with lights, and a case that can be transformed into a reception counter by wrapping a graphic around the outside.  As you’re able to dedicate more marketing funds to your trade show display, there’s no need to throw this display out.  Instead, consider adding more sophisticated options to your pop up display.  One way would be to add a monitor mount to the back wall of your trade show display.  Another would be to opt for a different trade show display counter- maybe backlit or a stylish and modern lockable reception counter.  These easy fixes allow you to scale with your trade show display as your brand gains more exposure and more trade show ROI.

Opt for a Tension Fabric Display with the Ability to Expand

There are many tension fabric displays that are able to connect if an exhibitor outgrows their space.  There are also a number of additions such as a bridge, monitor mount, and more that can cover any seams in graphics between the conjoined displays.  The zip up pillowcase fabrics still appear nice and shiny on the trade show floor and offer exhibitors an affordable option to communicate their branding and messaging- whether as a stand alone backwall or in conjunction with other accessories.  If you’ve started with a simple tension fabric backwall for your trade show display, it’s easy to start adding more items to make it more sophisticated- lights, reception counters, monitor mounts to hold your TV, even fabric 3/4 walls to separate you from your competition.

Drive More Traffic to Your Trade Show Display with Light Boxes

Another great option to grow with your trade show display is to position light boxes outside of your booth to brightly announce your goods and services.  These often stand at the same height that a banner stand would and have the added benefit of putting your branding and graphics in lights.  Messaging that is lit up on the trade show floor often stands out more prominently than displays that don’t feature backlit or light box options.  In a sea of bland messaging, light boxes will stand out and announce your presence.

Consider a Hanging Sign in Your Audience’s Eye Line 

Line of sight is important in trade shows.  Exhibitors who grow and have more of a healthy budget should consider adding the element that their larger competition all possess- a hanging sign.  The reason why this is so often used is because it works.  People notice the hanging signs floating below the rafters and know exactly where to find the brands they want to visit.  The addition of a hanging sign would be a great idea prior to moving up to another larger trade show booth space.  Once you’ve made the leap, however, you’re able to take that hanging sign with you and continue to use it in your trade show display.

These are just a few ideas that will help you to grow with your trade show display- from your first time out on the trade show floor to your twentieth.  For more great ideas, consult your Account Specialist, who can give you more detailed guidance and suggest where you should start looking to expand your presence on the trade show floor in an intelligent manner.