How to Use Your Trade Show Booth to Tell Your Brand Story

When you step out on the trade show floor, you’re not only hanging your shingle out hoping to make a future sale, but you’re communicating your brand story to potentially hundreds or thousands of visitors to that show. Do you know what impression you currently leave them, if any at all? That means you need to know how to communicate visually with passerby in seconds to capture their attention and encourage them to wander into your trade show booth. How do you do that?

Newbie exhibitors or smaller exhibitors don’t have the kind of cache that larger brands have or the name recognition that many also enjoy. Nor do they often have a large footprint on the trade show floor and a massive budget to accompany their desire to tell their brand story. Large customized props, experiential events and custom gaming options aren’t always an option for smaller exhibitors. The good news is you can still communicate your brand story in a number of ways that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Try the following tips and tricks:

Use Your Trade Show Booth Graphics to Tell Your Brand Story

One of the most often overlooked elements of a trade show booth is the power of your graphics. After all, whether you’ve got a pop up trade show display or you’ve got a more complex hybrid modular display, your trade show booth graphics are the star of your display.

The key to using your trade show booth graphics to tell your brand story is to keep your branding visible, keep your messaging brief, and to use visuals that will connect to both. There needs to be something compelling to draw people into your trade show booth. Imagine how you could tie these together so that someone walking by gains an instant sense of who you are and what you do. If your trade show booth graphics are too text heavy, people pass them by. They don’t want to read paragraphs on the trade show floor in a matter of seconds. Nor do they want to try and figure out obscure graphic references. Keep it relevant to your products, goods, or services, and keep it brief yet intriguing. Great examples of branding and messaging are all around you if you examine how some advertisements encourage you to visit their website, pick up the phone, or place an order based on a couple of lines of text, graphics, and a brand logo. Get in the head of your potential audience and consider what they’ll want to see.

Use Lighting to Highlight Your Brand Story

Did you know that lighting can play a big part of communicating your brand story in your trade show booth? Consider how you might want to look into a dynamic backlit display. New to the market, a dynamic backlit display can offer exhibitors the ability to punctuate your brand story and attract visitors using only light. The concept is that a preprogrammed series of lights plays patterns that could illuminate the fireworks of your graphics, seemingly fill up a straw of a drink your model is drinking, or more complex patterns.

If you’re not in the market for something that advanced or have a smaller budget to stay within, you can still use light to highlight your brand story in your trade show booth. There are many options such as attaching LED lights to your trade show booth to shine brightly on the most important elements of your branding and messaging. Consider how in an exhibit hall that is often darker than you would expect, the exhibits with great lighting tend to attract the most attention. Light can also be incorporated into your trade show booth by choosing a simple backlit trade show display to highlight your brand. As one of the most important elements of a great trade show display, you can use light to communicate more easily with visitors.

Embrace Video in Your Trade Show Booth

Video is one of the best ways to communicate with potential prospects, leads, and customers when you’re on the trade show floor. The reason why is your team can’t be everywhere at once. And many trade show visitors tune out staffers who call out to them like carnival barkers. Instead, let your video do the talking for your team.

Many trade show displays offer video monitor mounts for you to hang your LED monitor and play product demonstrations, inside looks at technology, testimonials, or commercials. The combination of light and motion capture people’s attention as they’re passing your trade show display and can make them pause to learn more about your brand story.

Whether you opt for a display with a video monitor mount or decide to add a media kiosk to your trade show booth, you’ll have the benefit of being able to communicate with your intended audience in multiple ways from your trade show booth.

There are many ways to tell your brand story in your trade show display. However, these are just some of the more common ideas that are trending on the trade show floor now. For more nuanced ideas, consult with your Account Specialist, who can guide you through your options depending on your trade show booth space. And don’t forget to explore our recently revamped website for more exciting options!