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Whether this is your first trade show or hundredth, it’s important to remember that you’re competing with what could be a hundred other exhibitors, or even thousands.  You’ve only got seconds to grab trade show attendees’ attention and if you’re in a 10×10 trade show booth, you could have as little as a second to capture their attention as they scan the row of exhibitors.  What makes you stand out against your competition can vary but if you have a hanging sign over your trade show display, you can stand out.  Here’s why:

A Hanging Sign Steers People Towards Your Trade Show Display

When people arrive at a trade show hall, they are bombarded by a cacophony of visuals and sounds, all vying for their attention.  However, one thing that helps them to focus is to have a hanging sign to focus on.  A hanging sign doesn’t have to be massive to guide people to your trade show display.  In fact, for a smaller exhibit space, a massive hanging sign would likely overshadow both the trade show display and those of the neighbors.  Pick a size relative to the size of your trade show booth and opt for a hanging sign that will fit neatly within that space to give people something to focus on as they wander up and down the aisles.

A Hanging Sign Enhances the Branding of Your Trade Show Display

One of the goals of exhibiting at a trade show is brand awareness.  Whether your brand is new or has been in existence for many years, you need people to recognize it and decide that they want to do business with you.  A hanging sign is a great way to enhance your trade show display branding because it offers yet another element to announce your company’s name or to show off the logo.  If you’ve got the budget to do a double-sided hanging sign, this offers your brand 2 opportunities to print your brand name or messaging.  This is also visible from multiple angles across the trade show floor.

A Hanging Sign Makes Your Brand Seem More Successful

Let’s face it- appearances matter.  This is why you opt for the very best possible trade show display instead of trotting out some tattered version of a display.  When you add a hanging sign to your trade show display, you appear more successful.  Even if you’re in a 10×10 trade show booth, the addition of a hanging sign looks like you’re breaking out and are far more successful than the rest of the row of 10×10 exhibitors.  We all want to look like we’re doing well, so this might be a great opportunity to show off a little in your space.

The next time you consider how you might improve your trade show ROI, consider using a hanging sign as a part of your trade show display.  For more great ideas, feel free to chat with us on LiveChat and we can guide you through options.

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