Increase Interactivity in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Exhibitors for several years now have been embracing interactivity in their trade show exhibit space.  Seeking a better way to engage trade show visitors and potential customers, they began to find new ways to provide a better experience for trade show goers so they remember the brands they liked after all was said and done.  This meant that many exhibitors embraced doodads, gadgets, and technology.  Others focused upon experiential kinds of events in their trade show exhibit.  Here’s what you can do to increase interactivity in your trade show exhibit without breaking the bank:

Purchase a Trade Show Exhibit Kiosk

Whether you’re occupying a 10×10 trade show booth space, a 10×20, or even larger, there are multiple ways in which to engage attendees.  One great way is by using your iPad or similar tablet in a trade show exhibit kiosk.  This allows people to discover your brand and your value proposition for themselves.  It also engages their sense of touch whereas other exhibitors solely focus on the basics like visual engagement.  A trade show exhibit kiosk can be a great way for your brand to increase your interactivity with these trade show visitors and open up new conversations about their needs and requirements.  Open the door to more conversations and see where it can lead you.

Feature Video in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Video is a very popular tool on the trade show floor.  Whether exhibitors occupy a massive 100×100 ft trade show booth space or something more modest, video is here to stay.  The interactivity comes into play when exhibitors are able to show product demonstrations as visitors are inspecting products inside the exhibit or are able to gain strategic insights through a targeted video that is later backed up by products and people within the booth space.  Whether your budget is $1,000 or $20,000 video is a relatively easy thing to incorporate into your trade show exhibit.  Many new exhibits have monitor mounts included where you can bring your own LED tv.  Alternatively, there are also built in mounts to add to your existing trade show exhibit set up and even freestanding media stands.  Try out video on the trade show floor and see how much more attention you can gain from your desired audience.

Host a Contest that Relates to Your Product

Is your brand known for speed and accuracy?  Try something unique such as a yo-yo contest to see how many reps people can make accurately to win a prize.  For the price of a tech gadget such as an iPad, you can gain new leads, engage more people inside your trade show exhibit and buy good will.  This kind of contest is fun, provides a respite from the busy trade show floor, and leaves a lasting impression.  When contests relate to your product or services, it’s more likely that the crowd inside your trade show exhibit will remember you after the show has ended. Brainstorm something that you can do to engage the crowd at your next show!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Another great way to engage trade show attendees in your trade show exhibit is to set up a camera and to start taking pictures with props that are representative of your brand.  This can be as easy as purchasing some blow up items, dressing up one of your booth staff in a funny costume, and then turning a camera loose on visitors with a custom hashtag or foam board with your branding on it.  You don’t have to be working with a budget like the industry giants to engage people with interactive elements in your trade show exhibit.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use inside your next trade show exhibit.  For more great ideas, consult with your Account Specialist, who can guide you through the process of deciding what you really need and how to maximize your engagement.