Increase Your Trade Show ROI with Regional Trade Shows

For many new or smaller exhibitors, trade shows can be very expensive endeavors.  The cost of a large industry trade show can eat up a good portion of your marketing budget for the year.  However, there is an alternative to the yearly large industry trade show that can yield higher trade show ROI- attending smaller regional trade shows.  By targeting these regional shows, you can actually increase your trade show ROI for the following reasons:

Regional Trade Shows are Often Less Expensive

When considering trade shows as a part of your marketing strategy, you have to ask yourself a number of budgeting questions.  What costs more- attending a trade show like CES or attending 2 or more regional trade shows?  When cost is a part of your trade show ROI, you have to consider the ability to exhibit to more people in your industry over the year versus getting lost in a very large crowd at a massive industry show.  If you’re not the giant in your industry, then attending multiple shows in your industry may be more beneficial to your trade show ROI than attending one very expensive trade show that everyone attends.  Those kinds of shows often drive people to blue chip brands or to tech disruptors with a lot of funding and a large trade show booth space.  Consider what may be worth it for what you pay.

Being a Bigger Fish in a Small Pond May Boost Your Trade Show ROI

At smaller regional shows, the exhibition spaces are often small.  A large space might be as large as 10×20.  However, what if you had a 10×10 and an attractive trade show display?  You’d be among the bigger fish in the small pond, attracting more attention.  Your trade show ROI would increase significantly with the ability to stand out more instead of being dwarfed by a Microsoft, Kodak, or similar massive brand.  Consider how standing out at multiple smaller regional trade shows the big guys don’t attend may actually boost your trade show ROI instead of disappearing behind the industry giants.

Regional Trade Shows Often Promote Exhibitors Heavily with their Membership Base

One of the ways in which you can increase your trade show ROI is with additional free marketing.  Regional trade shows often help you with this by promoting you to their membership base.  Many do exhibitor profiles, written articles in newsletter emails, or spotlights of some kind that help increase exhibitors’ trade show ROI. Free marketing and press are great ways to ensure your brand is spread further in your industry and that people get to know what you do.

These are only a few of the reasons why adding regional trade shows to your calendar are a smart idea to enhance your trade show ROI.  For more great ideas, consult with your Account Specialist, who can discuss it further with you.  Make sure your exhibition program nets the results you need by properly planning where you’ll exhibit.