Integrating Color in Your Trade Show Exhibit

We’ve long held that color is one of the most important things in your trade show exhibit. Color is not only something that can help you to stand out on the trade show floor, but also something that can help you to encourage an emotion in trade show visitors. What emotion will you encourage them to feel about your products, your trade show exhibit? Let’s review what the colors are that inspire emotion and how you can integrate them into your trade show display.

What Colors Inspire Emotions in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Figuring out which color best represents the emotions you want people to feel about your products or your trade show exhibit is important. A recent study of the top 100 most favorably viewed brands found that approximately 33% of them use blue in their branding, 29% use red, 28% use black or greyscale (a recent design trend for cutting edge types of brands), and 13% use yellow. They do this because they want to stir emotions in people and to create certain associations with their products or services, and while on show site, their trade show exhibit.

Red is often a controversial color, igniting a passionate response and quickening your heartbeat when viewed. It is associated with passion, power, agression, or even provacativeness. A trade show exhibit that is heavy in red can communicate many things to attendees, so it is often best tempered with other accent colors to tone down the perceived aggressiveness of this bright color.

Orange is often associated with a more playful excitement such as the vibrance of youth or springtime. Often, it’s used to communicate vitality, youth, exuberance and fun. The use of orange in your trade show exhibit can feel a bit collegiate, but it can also communicate a warmth about your brand.

Yellow stimulates creativity and energy, often used to capture people’s eyes in a trade show exhibit or at a retail environment. Yet it is also closely associated with positivity, creativity, light, warmth and motivation.

Green is very closely aligned with health and nature. Yet it is also a color that represents prestige and abundance, even serenity. On the show floor, these are the kinds of exhibits where people like to take a break, enjoying some of the serenity they feel in contrast to a crowded trade show floor with many visual stimulants.

Blue is one of the most widely used colors in branding and graphics because it is so closely associated with the sky or the ocean. This subconscious association tends to put people at ease. That’s why blue is also thought to be aligned with trustworthiness, calmness, and dependability.

Purple has long been associated with royalty and sophistication. Yet it is also closely associated with mystery and spirituality. The use of purple in a trade show exhibit can communicate a sophistication that subconsciously inspires visitors to want to learn more about your products and services.

Pink is so often associated with the feminine now, although it was once considered very masculine in color at the turn of the century in fashion. Now, pink stirs up associations with beauty, tenderness, and compassion.

Brown stirs up a strong association with the earth, with the strength and durability of the earth. Exhibitors who use brown in their trade show exhibit often tend to use it as a rustic element to communicate their brand story through these associations.

How to Integrate Color in Your Exhibit

Now that we know what kinds of colors inspire what emotions and associations in people, it’s important to discuss where you can integrate color in your trade show display. There are many ways to integrate color without making your display an overwhelming cacophony of color splashes. Try these different ways to insert some color:

Your tension fabric display graphics. The most obvious place to integrate color is into your display’s backwall. The largest space for you to show off your branding and messaging, it is also the most visible space on the trade show floor outside of a hanging sign. Visitors’ eyes naturally gravitate toward the backwall and you can highlight your brand story by focusing your use of color here.

Your trade show exhibit reception counter. Located at the forefront of your trade show booth, your reception counter is another great place to show off color inside your trade show booth. Whether you choose a reception counter with one seamless graphic or multiple sides to fill with your branding and messaging, this is a great place to add an accent color to help you to stand out.

A tower or media kiosk. If you’ve got more space than the average entry level exhibitor, you might want to opt for a media tower or media kiosk as a part of your trade show exhibit. This can help draw attention to the videos playing from your LED screen on these accent pieces.

Your overhead hanging sign. Your overhead hanging sign is an excellent place to integrate a bold color to capture trade show attendees’ attention from across the trade show floor. Choose to accentuate your outside branding with a complementary color inside your signage and a tag line to best make use of this powerful marketing tool.

These are just a few of the different ways you can insert a bit of color into your trade show exhibit. For more great ideas, ask your dedicated Account Specialist for some ideas. Their wealth of experience can help you to define yourself as a serious exhibitor on the trade show floor.