Keeping the Public Informed During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Uncertainty

Recent news reports estimate that about 40 million Americans alone are currently living under stay at home orders except for essential outings.  As the pandemic spreads and businesses struggle to keep up, there are several ways that they can adapt and keep people informed during this uncertain time.  Information centers can help businesses, health care systems and more to communicate with the public from a distance.  Here’s how:

Information Centers Can Direct Patients Where to Check in at Hospitals

As our hospitals fill and become overwhelmed, there will be a need for information.  While practicing social distancing, it will be critical to have information centers providing necessary direction on where to check in, materials to inform them about health risks and suggested measures.  As people attempt to enter facilities, they’ll need to know how to behave, where to go, and what to do to protect themselves and others.  This is where information centers can come in handy.  Banner stands can inform people where check in is located.  A literature rack can hold necessary information on the virus and its spread.

Information Centers Can Help Restaurants Advertise Take Out or Delivery Options

For those that have had to be out of the house for work or to forage for food, have you recently passed a restaurant and wondered if it’s open? You wouldn’t be alone.  Many restaurants have explained they are suffering a downtick in sales and that take out is not enough to pay the rent.  Yet many of these same restaurants have no information centers or messaging outside of their business to inform people that they are open for delivery and take out services.  Information centers such as telescopic banner stands, signage, and more, can let people know from a distance that you’re open for business.  These information centers can also inform people how to order, and where to go to collect your meal.

Information Centers Can Also Help Grocery Stores to Direct People Inside

Many grocery stores are taping off how far you’ll have to stay away from other patrons while shopping.  What these kinds of centers strategically placed inside the store could instead let people know how they need to behave inside the grocery store?  This could save managers and employees much time from getting on their hands and knees to tape points on the floor before and after the long work day. 

There are many great uses for these kinds of marketing and messaging tools.  If you’ve got something to say and a desire to inform the public, contact one of our Account Specialists today.  They’ll be happy to recommend something that your business can use to keep everyone on the same page.