Maximize Your Budget By Using a Tension Fabric Display

Whether you’re exhibiting in a 10×10 or a 10×20 trade show booth, we’ve all got multiple budgetary constraints.  Often, brands are limited by their budget versus what they can dream up to stand out on the trade show floor.  The good news is there is a very budget-friendly option for smaller exhibitors in the form of a tension fabric display.  A tension fabric display is very versatile and budget-friendly for the following reasons:

A Tension Fabric Display Requires No Labor

Labor rates are high in many areas, from exhibitor friendly cities such as Las Vegas and Orlando to cities such as New York or Dallas, where labor is more expensive.  One of the reasons why a tension fabric display is so budget-friendly is because it requires zero union labor to set up inside the trade show booth.  Why?  Because it’s often as easy as fastening some aluminum frames together without the need for fancy tools, shimmying on the fabric, and zipping it up so it all stays in place.  Voila! Your tension fabric display is ready to go and start spreading brand awareness to everyone in the exhibit hall.

A Tension Fabric Display Is Cheaper Than Exhibits Constructed of More Complex Materials

Want to know what’s expensive? Wood.  Metal can be too.  Instead of spending an arm and a leg on a trade show display constructed of these materials, a tension fabric display can offer high style and a modern look at a lower price.  A tension fabric display is generally constructed of only the aluminum frame, a zipper pillowcase fabric, and occasionally, it might include a string of LED lights inside if it’s backlit.  These limited and cheaper materials help exhibitors stretch their budget further so that they might also be able to afford a reception counter or other such exhibiting extras to help make their trade show display pop in the crowd.

There are Multiple Affordable Add-Ons to a Tension Fabric Display

So you’ve got your eye on a tension fabric display?  How will you extend the branding and messaging with an LED monitor if you can’t hang it on the fabric itself?  How will you keep literature such as brochures organized and at the ready should passerby want to learn more about your products?  Is there a place to set products down as an example?  Where do giveaways sit?  Or are there options to maximize the style you’re looking for to appear more sophisticated?  The good news is that affordable add-ons exist for a tension fabric display that range from zipper pillowcase fabric bridges to aluminum extrusion framed shelving ladders with monitor mounts and even a reception counter.  These all snap onto the tension fabric display, requiring little more effort to set up the entire trade show display before the exhibit hall opens to attendees.  These kinds of add-ons are big on style, but they can also be quite functional to the exhibitor using a tension fabric display.

No matter your budget, there are multiple options to stay within those guidelines.  An exhibitor could start with a tension fabric display and eventually graduate to filling their booth space with add-ons such as a shelving ladder and monitor mount, purchasing a reception counter, and even eventually adding such crowd pleasers such as kiosks and more.  Depending upon your space, there are a ton of options to elevate your trade show display as you gain more money in your budget and more notoriety at the trade show.  For more great ideas, contact our friendly Account Specialists who can walk you through the process of ordering such a trade show display and finding the right one for your goals.