Maximize Your Trade Show Display Budget

Trade shows are exciting events.  Generally, they’re large and sprawling, full of exhibitors in your industry, each one seeking to talk to interested prospects, leads and customers.  But when you’ve got a trade show display budget that doesn’t match the industry giants, it can sometimes also feel a little discouraging.  The good news is that there are many options for budget conscious exhibitors.  No matter your trade show display budget, you can secure something that you can be proud to erect on the trade show floor.

Budgets Below $3,000

There are a surprising number of budget-friendly options for exhibitors with $3,000 or less to spend, even if you’re occupying a 10×20 trade show booth space.  The most affordable options are typically pop up trade show displays and tension fabric displays.  Both of these are great options and can range from hundreds of dollars to $3,000.  For a 10×10 booth space, that can amount to a serious budget that can allow for many bells and whistles- lights for your trade show display, monitor mounts to show video, reception counters, a curved separation wall, and more.  For a 10×20 booth space, you can generally have an attractive backwall with some capabilities to add a reception counter and lights to help jazz up your trade show display.

Budgets of $5,000

With a more robust budget, exhibitors in both a 10×10 booth space and a 10×20 booth space can secure an attractive and affordable trade show display.  This could range from a pop up to a tension fabric display- even a modular display.  Many of these will also include accents such as video monitor mounts, shelving, lights, and more.  Smaller booth spaces can upgrade to more sophisticated accessories but need to be conscious of space.  Alternatively, 10×20 exhibitors can generally find something that can include a monitor and shelving, or maybe even some additional lights.  If you’re creative with how you mix and match, you can create a trade show display set up of which you can be proud.

Budgets of $7,500

As budgets increase, so too can your trade show display options.  Whether exhibiting in a 10×10 or a 10×20, you can find something with the bells and whistles you want- video monitor mounts, shelving, lights, maybe even backlit to boot.  Accessories such as demonstration tables and reception counters can also be upgraded to more sophisticated items that are lockable or perform multiple functions.  Whether your choice is modular, pop up, or tension fabric, there are a multitude of items from which to choose your perfect trade show display.

Budgets of $10,000 or More

When you’ve got some serious money to spend on your trade show display, but not enough to yet purchase a custom trade show exhibit that an exhibit house would fabricate, you’ve got almost endless options at your fingertips.  Within this budget range, you could have a 10×20 with a hanging sign, video capabilities, shelving, and all the accessories you desire to make an impression.

Just as there are many types of exhibitors, there are many different options to accommodate each of their needs.  For help in selecting the trade show display to best meet your needs, contact one of our Account Specialists to guide you through the decision making process.