Post-Pandemic Ready to Go Business Solutions

Across America, we are starting the lengthy process of reopening society.  Each state and county are at a different stage in their post-pandemic reopening process.  And each industry requires different business solutions to meet what can feel like moving targets.  In order to reopen safely, we’ve gathered a number of business solutions that may help your business:

Sneeze Guards as Both Office and Retail Business Solutions

Sneeze guards aren’t just the acrylic or plexiglass you think of over a buffet anymore.  Now they’re appropriate for a number of different businesses such as offices and retail businesses.  In an office setting, acrylic sneeze guards can protect a receptionist as he or she may greet visitors, sign for packages, or accept payments.  In a retail business, sneeze guards can help cashiers, pharmacists, and anyone who has to assist the public with transactions.  These sneeze guards can include a slot bank if its transaction based.  If there are no transactions to be made, options without slots can be just as helpful at protecting both employees and visitors.  They can be assembled on your own without the need to hire a contractor.  Low cost, easy to install, they are a great solution for businesses seeking to reopen quickly. 

Partitions or Divider Walls as Business Solutions

Partitions are going to be a reality for many businesses for quite some time.  While the world races to find a covid-19 vaccine, these can also be kept on hand for cold and flu season.  Businesses such as restaurants, retail, salons, and offices can all use these partitioned divider walls to separate people who may be in close contact with one another.  Already in use across Asia, partitioned divider walls have become a reality of the “new normal” we’re all adjusting to.  Affordable and easy to assemble, they are great business solutions for temporary situations such as the process of reopening post-pandemic.

Face Masks and Face Coverings

Face masks or face coverings are already a mandate in multiple states.  Additionally, many businesses also require the use of face masks or face coverings to enter the establishment.  Whether used in compliance with state or local ordinance or just used as a precaution during cold and flu season, face masks and face coverings are a smart idea to keep on hand.  Employers can take advantage by ordering corporate custom masks in bulk.  These can be branded and include personalization such as employee names. These business solutions can help an employer to prevent the millions of dollars a year wasted in a lack of productivity when employees are sick. They can also show employees your commitment to their health and safety.  It’s a comforting sight to see people all wearing masks at their place of work.  It shows a sign of respect and concern for people’s health.

Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Many businesses will be looking for business solutions such as social distancing floor graphics or floor decals.  Whether retail, manufacturing, inside an office, or restaurant, these will be helpful to guide people along appropriate paths through the facility.  One-way aisles will be necessary in some cases in order to keep people socially distanced.  These floor graphics and decals are great business solutions because they’re skid-resistant and trip-resistant.  That means they are easy to clean and won’t rub off every other day like tape on the floor does.  Shopping carts and other moving items won’t easily scrape them off.  They won’t require someone remeasuring and replacing tape every other day.  For relatively cheap, these can help businesses to reopen safely.

Signage- Indoor and Outdoor

Signage will be increasingly important in the reopening of society.  Outdoor signage will be necessary to let people know that they are open for business.  Inside, it will be necessary business solutions to guide people into expected behaviors such as wearing masks, washing hands, appropriate routes through the building, pickup points, and more. As the public gets back to a more normal stage of their earlier life, signage with built in sanitizer dispensers will also be critical to their success.  Products like banner stands with sanitizing stations will become incredibly important. Whether used inside offices, retail, restaurants, and facilities or at public gatherings, these will be critical to encouraging healthy practices. Every day, we are realizing that each stage of reopening society has new challenges that comes with it.  We are all in this together, redefining what our “new normal” is and how to exist in this new state.  We’ve got the business solutions you’ll need at multiple stages.  If you need assistance or guidance, please reach out to one of our Account Assistants for help.  We are here for you every step of the way.