Post-Pandemic Trade Show Booth Interactivity

When you attend your first post-pandemic trade show, things will be different.  The layout of the exhibition hall may look different, you may find health check stations, sanitizing stations, and people wearing masks all around you.  What will that mean for your desire to be interactive in your trade show booth?  Trade show booth interactivity will be impacted but does not have to disappear.  Try these ideas to reimagine your interactive experience:

Choose a Dynamic Light Box to Increase Interactivity in Your Trade Show Booth

A dynamic light box is a great way to get interactive with your clients.  Available in multiple sizes, these are great even for small spaces. These have either custom or preprogrammed light patterns that can align with your design.  For example, if you had a restaurant, you could show a milkshake appearing to be drank with a light series.  A makeup brand could simulate the process of applying products to a customer’s face.  There are many different ideas that can make something like lighting and graphics an interactive experience for attendees interested in your trade show booth.  They do not require your audience to touch them and still provide an interactive experience visually.  A touchless interactive light box can be a great way to tell your brand story and capture interest without the need to break out the cleaning supplies after every interaction.

Get Creative with Your Contests and Giveaways

Post-pandemic contests and giveaways are going to need to be more creative. Gone are the days you’re going to want to offer games such as Plinko or putting challenges.  You don’t want multiple people touch the same surface again and again.  Your staff would be busier cleaning instead of having the kinds of discussions you’re seeking by offering a contest in your trade show booth.  Instead, try something like a yo-yo contest.  For relatively cheap, your brand can buy say 500 individually packaged yo-yos and challenge people to see how many times they can yo-yo in a row or the kinds of tricks they can do.  If you brand these yo-yos with your logo and company name, you’ve created a fun memory that connects back to your brand and your trade show booth.  Attendees can walk away with these giveaways even if they didn’t win and regale their friends about their contest results.  Because they’re individually packaged, you don’t have to worry about cleaning each one in between uses.  There’s enough for everyone who comes up to your trade show booth. 

Play Video Media Content in Your Trade Show Booth

The goal of interactivity is to get people involved with your brand inside your trade show booth.  Perhaps you’ve got a product that’s grown on a farm in a special way.  Instead of solely telling your brand story in graphics, give them a tour of the farm with a video.  By adding things like a media monitor mount to your existing trade show display or a monitor tower to your trade show booth, you are able to add these interactive touches that resonate with people. If you tie this to the graphics of your trade show display backwall, you can provide a more immersive environment for attendees.  The best part is people already know not to touch television screens, so you don’t have to clean them constantly in your trade show booth.

Create a Branded Photo Wall in Your Trade Show Booth

If there’s one thing people love, it’s taking pictures and sharing them on social media.  This is why you should create a branded photo wall inside your trade show booth.  Participants don’t need to touch anything to start the photo-taking process.  Your team can do that themselves.  All your attendees need to do is stand in front of your branded photo wall and smile.  Whether you do it the old fashioned way on your device and then send it to attendees or you use one of many pieces of software that will further add your company logo and event name to the photos, you can send them in real-time to participants’ emails, encouraging social sharing of your brand. 

There are many creative ways in which you can still provide an interactive experience in your booth space without the need for spraying down items and cleaning them every 5 minutes.  For more great ideas, consult with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Account Specialists.  They have years of experience in the trade show industry and can make recommendations based on your need and our product offerings.