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Product Warranty

Most online wholesalers do not offer a product warranty. If they do, it is full of provisions and qualifiers. That doesn’t instill a whole lot of confidence in a buyer’s mind. At Displays & Exhibits if our customer is unhappy for any reason, we’ll do whatever we can to please them. We realize that buying exhibits is not an everyday occurrence. We want to make sure you are making the best possible decision when purchasing exhibit materials.

Lifetime Graphics Warranty

Lifetime Hardware Warranty

You will note that many of our products proudly carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our hardware against defects in workmanship and materials and against delaminating on our graphics. This warranty policy sets Displays and Exhibits apart from the rest and it guarantees you a top quality product that will represent your company well for a long time. Products not otherwise marked carry a ONE YEAR WARRANTY against defects in workmanship and materials.

When you shop for exhibit materials, ask questions upfront about quality, delivery, customer service, support, guarantees and product warranties. You will quickly separate the levels of product quality and the quality of the companies that are vying for your business. We opened our doors in 2000 and we now have three facilities across the United States as well as sales offices in Germany and India. We will be here in two or three years when you need to replace a part or get new graphics.

Look for the Better Business Bureau seal when you shop for exhibit materials. Their seal is a solid guarantee that you are buying from a reliable company.

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