10′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display


The 10′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display Includes:

  • Lightweight 10ft wide (4 quad x 3 quad) straight white frame
  • Stabilizer feet included
  • Perimeter channel bars connect to frame and hold push-fit backlit fabric graphics
  • LED lights easily attach to collapsible frame
  • Premium double-sided backlit fabric graphic with SEG beading
  • LED lights* and power supply included
  • Comes in a molded, wheeled case.

*Lights have a one year limited warranty

Assembled Dimensions: 117″W x 88.94″H x 23.25″D

When you have a 10×10 trade show booth space, the competition is fierce.  You’re wedged in between dozens of other exhibitors, many of them your competitors.  It can be difficult to get anybody to notice you without taking some bold steps.  The average trade show exhibitor only has seconds to capture people’s attention when they walk by.  In rows of 10×10 trade show booths, this can become micro-seconds as each trade show booth seems to blur into the next.  To break that cycle and stand out, it’s important to obtain the right forum for your trade show branding and messaging.  It’s time to put your brand in lights.

Key Advantages of the 10′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display:

Trade show ROI is often about location and how you present your messaging.  When you want to amplify that messaging, a double-sided trade show display is for you.  This elegant and modern trade show display is backlit, putting your messaging in lights for all to see across the trade show floor.  If you’re at another event, what better way to promote your products than by capturing the attention of event attendees from multiple angles?  And in lights no less.  Light can make a huge difference in who sees you and who overlooks your messaging because they’re so bombarded with other visual stimuli.  When you want to make a big impact on a budget, this item is for you.  Easy to scale up with other accessories such as reception counters and media kiosks (sold separately), this captures trade show attendees’ attention using the power of light.

Easy to install and dismantle, the 10′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display features a lightweight frame and zip up pillow case graphics that zip around the completed frame and LED lights.  The lights slip right inside the channel bars of the frame and the fabric is illuminated from the inside.  On the trade show floor, it looks luminous.



Weight 116 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 27 × 17 in