10′ Extra Tall Tension Fabric Display


The 10′ Extra Tall Tension Fabric Display Includes:

  • Lightweight 10ft wide (4 quad x 4 quad), 10ft high straight anodized silver frame
  • Grey in-molded hook and loop end caps
  • 2 stabilizer feet included
  • Supports an integrated fabric graphic mural with end caps to wrap around
  • Easy assembly
  • Rolling carry bag included
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects.

Assembled Dimensions: 119″W x 119″H x 29″D

Tension fabric displays can be used for a variety of occasions- from trade shows to smaller conferences, networking events, festivals, exhibitions, and more.  Trade shows in North America typically have rules that dictate that a trade show display needs to comply with certain height regulations.  This means that your trade show display back wall can be 10′ high but other walls in your trade show booth cannot exceed certain height requirements.  The same is true across the globe- many other exhibitions have specific height requirements that are often not spelled out when you’re purchasing a display.

The 10′ Extra Tall Tension Fabric Display- Key Advantages:

What these height requirements mean for you is that as your back wall, you’ve got an extra 2 feet of space to advertise your branding and messaging.  What will you do in that extra space?  As you tower over your competitors, you can revel in the fact that you have more room to add tag lines, more comprehensive messaging, or even bolder graphics.

The 10′ Extra Tall Tension Fabric Display is incredibly easy to install.  Instructions are included in all of our kits and this one is no different.  It’s as easy as assembling the aluminum frame, hooking the graphics onto the frame, and adding the stabilizer feet.  There is no need to hire an additional team to assemble this for you.  One person can do it all right before the trade show or event begins.

A rolling carry bag is included with this trade show display so you’re better able to transport the trade show display to and from the trade show floor.  Additionally, when the display is not in use, it can be used to organize your trade show materials.  You can keep the frame and graphics in one place without fear of losing them come trade show time.

To add additional flair to your trade show display, consider also purchasing LED lights to hook on overhead and shine down upon your graphics (sold separately.)  These can help provide a visual spotlight to your brand in a row of otherwise bland or dark trade show exhibits.

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 13 in