10 Ft Dynamic Light Box With Programmed Light Series


The 10 Ft Dynamic Light Box Includes:

  • 100mm 4″ silver extrusion frame
  • Programmable LED light curtain hooks into top and bottom of the frame
  • Kit includes frame, light curtains, single-sided backlit Intensity push-fit fabric graphic, opaque liner and wheeled, molded shipping case
  • Stock or custom animation offered as a service for an additional cost
  • Watts: 1200W
  • Amps: 24A
  • Volts: Dual Voltage 115-230V

Assembled Dimensions: 114.17″W x 94.74″H x 19.75″D


Lights, color, and motion are the elements of a truly great trade show display.  These work together to capture the attention of trade show visitors.  You don’t have to outspend your larger competitors to use the same design elements in your trade show display.  Instead, you can purchase a The 10 Ft Dynamic Light Box and have it all.  This attractive and budget-friendly light box offers you the ability to light up your graphics with an LED curtain that can either play preprogrammed stock patterns or preprogrammed custom patterns to align with your branding, messaging, and graphics.  You can look like a million bucks without spending that much on your trade show display.

The 10 Ft Dynamic Light Box- Key Advantages:

While your competitors will be partially obscured in the darkness of the trade show hall, your trade show display will be lit up, delighting visitors as they watch the pattern trace across the light box.  You can use this to draw more attention to specific products you may be launching or draw their eye to a special deal you’re offering.  A custom designed lighting pattern can highlight the graphics you’ve designed.  Imagine how this can play out with the graphics you select.  A pattern can highlight aspects of your food, machinery, or even your event special bubble.

This is also incredibly easy to set up.  The frame is a silver extrusion frame and only needs the instructions, an Allen Key and the elbow grease to put it together.  We provide detailed instructions and the Allen Key along with all of the pieces necessary to put this together.  Once the frame is together, you attach the light curtain, the liner, and finally the push-fit fabric graphic.  Don’t forget to plug in your light curtain into a power source!  This will be a crowd pleaser for sure!


Weight 138 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in


Animation Service

Preprogrammed Card with Stock Designs, Preprogrammed Card with Custom Designs