10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics


The 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics Includes:

  • SEG push-fit fabric graphics
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware; only the original HP24 Display Kit includes the hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:  114.76″W x 95.45″H x 70.2″D

Exhibitors in a 10×10 trade show booth space only really have seconds to attract the attention of show visitors.  In these rows, these smaller exhibits often go overlooked.  That’s why serious exhibitors seek to break out of the box and purchase a hybrid modular display such as the 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit.  The unique look isn’t all about the accessories, though.  It’s really about your hybrid modular display graphics.  Your graphics are the star of the show and can either inspire someone to enter your trade show booth or inspire them to pass you by.

The 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit includes SEG push-fit graphics.  SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics.  The name is derived from the strip of silicone that is sewn onto the edge of the graphics.  This is done to allow for a seamless look once inserted into the frame hardware’s channel. SEG push-fit graphics are also wrinkle-resistant and fade-resistant.  These help your hybrid modular display graphics to last longer when cared for properly.

Because the entire display kit is made of such high-quality materials, it’s very possible that your display will outlive your marketing messaging. In these cases, we offer replacement hybrid modular display graphics.  These replacement graphics do not include new hardware.  Only the original 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit includes the hardware.  Replacement graphics are the same high-quality SEG push-fit graphics that are included in the original kit.  There are no surprise replacements of a lesser material.

When replacing your graphics, keep the following in mind- do the colors still work for your brand? Should you reposition your logo and messaging?  Is there a better way to communicate with your desired audience?  The good news is that by replacing your graphics, you have the opportunity to change anything you don’t like anymore.  If you would like one of our designers to consult with you on a new design, please select design time.  One of our talented designers will work with you on an hourly basis to consult with you and make those updates.

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 66 in