10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit


The 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit Includes: 

  • Silver aluminum extrusion frames (4)
  • SEG push-fit fabric graphics (4)
  • Locked storage closet with fabric graphics
  • Backwall counter comes with black top
  • Medium monitor bracket holds 32-55″ monitor*, max weight: 50 lbs / 22.68 kgs
  • Ships freight
  • *Monitor not included

Assembled Dimensions: 114.76″W x 95.45″H x 70.2″D

10' HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics

The 10' HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics Includes:

  • SEG push-fit fabric graphics
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware; only the original HP24 Display Kit includes the hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:  114.76"W x 95.45"H x 70.2"D


It’s raining and besides your coat and umbrella you have two cases of water, candy, and a briefcase – what to do?  Buy this new state of the art exhibit miracle that covers all of your bases. This is the new high-tech hybrid modular display that is differentiated by rigid aluminum extrusion frames and tension fabric graphics. What a great choice for exhibiting!  Try a special effect for an added impression by adding a spotlight on your front counter to highlight your product.  Lighting works, every time!

Pre show – make certain that you send out an email to all of your clients inviting them to visit you at the show. You can incentivize this by promoting a show special offer or simply by saying how much you want to meet them. Offer some guest passes to your clients – if you are paying for them then ensure you send them to people you know will use them!  This is Crowd Mentality 101 – by having a number of people come and actively do business at your hybrid modular display, you attract attention, and this will bring people to your stand in an exceptionally effective manner.

This exhibit is a designer’s dream.  We merge large format tension fabric graphics, modern extrusion profiles and stylish laminates for an unmistakable high-design appearance. A rolling transport case is available as an add-on.

The 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit-Key Advantages:

The 10′ HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit is a stylish and functional hybrid modular display that offers a locked storage closet, ample real estate for branding, as well a display counter and multi-media display. This exhibit kit has it all! Push-fit SEG fabric graphics are coupled with extrusion frames for a seamless, sleek look. You’ll be able to communicate with trade show or event attendees from your hybrid modular display in multiple mediums, making this an excellent choice.

Weight 249 lbs
Dimensions 115 × 95 × 70 in

10' HP24 Hybrid Modular Display Kit Graphics

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 66 in