10′ SEG Light Box Single-Print Graphics


The 10′ SEG Light Box Single-Print Graphics Includes:

  • Graphic reprint of the SEG light box single-sided graphics only
  • No hardware is included
  • No other accessories are included.

Assembled Dimensions: 118.98″W x 94.74″H x 19.69″D

You’ve put your name and messaging in lights- now what?  Whether your messaging, products, value proposition, or graphics have changed, you can still use your 24″ x 94″ SEG lightbox to communicate with your audience at trade shows, from home as a branded background for remote meetings, and other events.  Just because you’ve outgrown your branding and messaging doesn’t mean that you’ve also outgrown the entire unit.  The frame is still good.  You just need to order a graphic reprint for use in this light box.

As your product line increases or your messaging changes over time, you have the ability to keep ordering a graphic reprint of your stylish and modern 10′ SEG light box.  Featuring push-fit backlit illuminated graphics, this is a frame you want to keep to communicate with your desired prospects and customers.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 12 in