10×10 Curved Extra Tall Pop Up Tension Fabric Display


The 10×10 Curved Extra Tall Pop Up Tension Fabric Display Includes: 

  • Lightweight 10ft wide (4 quad x 4 quad), 10ft high curved anodized silver frame
  • Grey in-molded hook and loop end caps
  • Supports an integrated fabric graphic mural with or without endcaps
  • Easy assembly
  • Rolling carry bag included.

Assembled Dimensions: 116.25″W x 119″H x 33″D

Your products and services deserve recognition on a crowded trade show or event floor.  How do you grab people’s attention immediately and entice them to learn more about your products?  Try our 10×10 Curved Extra Tall Pop Up Tension Fabric Display.  Exhibiting rules dictate that you can only have a taller wall as a back wall.  Without the constraint of a more complex feature, you can take advantage of the extra 2 feet in height and use it to boldly display your branding and messaging on your trade show display.  Economical and stylish, this is a great option for any brand exhibiting in a 10×10 trade show booth space.

The 10×10 Curved Extra Tall Pop Up Tension Fabric Display- Key Advantages:

What can you do with an extra 2 feet of trade show display real estate?  The extra space adds up when your competitors exhibiting in the same row are looking up at your trade show display.  Dare to stand out from the crowd and command attention with this stylish and affordable 10×10 Curved Extra Tall Pop Up Tension Fabric Display.

Easy to set up and install, all instructions are provided.  One person can set this up inside their trade show booth alone.  It’s as easy as snapping the high curved anodized silver frame pieces into place and then hanging your graphics on it.  No fuss, no muss.  The trade show display comes in a handy rolling carry bag that you can use to transport your display to and from the trade show floor.  Better protected from the elements, the carry bag helps you to keep your graphics and frame nicer longer.

If you’re looking for additional attention on the trade show floor, consider also purchasing LED lights (sold separately) to attach to the top of your display and shine brightly down on your branding and messaging.  If you’re interested in more protection than a soft sided carry bag can provide, also consider upgrading to one of our hard molded wheeled carry cases.


Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 13 in