10×10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07


The 10×10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07 Includes: 

  • Toolless assembly; aluminum tube frames connect with snap buttons and all units come with easy-to-use twist-lock feet
  • Kits include banner frames, twist-lock feet, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics and portable carry bags
  • Easy to assemble, store and ship.

Assembled Dimensions: 101.56″W x 96″H x 46.43″D

10x10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07 Graphics

The 10x10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07 Graphics Includes:

  • Zipper pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Replacement backwall graphics do not include hardware; only the original 10x10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07 includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:  101.56"W x 96"H x 46.43"D


Every marketer needs options to do their job right.  How can you spread brand recognition if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal?  The beauty of the 10×10 Fabric Backwall Kit is that it easily reconfigures to banner stands without the need for additional parts or pieces.  Created from one straight magnetic banner frame and one curved magnetic banner frame, you gain additional options when not at a trade show.  This fabric backwall kit can easily scale up or down as your needs change throughout the year.  You can target more events with this piece such as smaller regional shows or networking events.  Expand your branding easily and encourage higher brand recognition.

The 10×10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07- Key Advantages:

This elegant pillowcase graphic back wall will show your branding and messaging in style at your next trade show.  Let your trade show display do the talking for you and present you in the best possible light.  When not in a 10×10 booth space, you can also use this display as 2 separate banner stands.

Easy to assemble and to disassemble, the frame is toolless.  There are no tools necessary to assemble this frame other than your own hands.  Once the frame is in place, they simply snap into place.  Twist lock feet are also included for additional stability.  Because the system is magnetic, it naturally provides more stability on the trade show floor.  It’s also incredibly easy to push the banner stands together to make a larger 10×10 trade show display once assembled.

Portable carrying bags are included to ease your commute to and from the trade show.  However, you can also purchase from our expandable trade show display cases to upgrade.  These are hard wheeled cases that can also be turned into a trade show reception counter by purchasing a graphic wrap.


Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 30 × 10 in

10x10 Fabric Backwall Kit 07 Graphics

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 15 in