10’x10′ VF16 Modular Backwall Kit Graphics


The 10’x10′ VF16 Modular Backwall Kit Graphics Includes:

  • Single-sided SEG dye-sublimated push-fit fabric graphics (1 illuminated, 4 fabric panels)
  • Does not include hardware unless purchased as a part of the 10’x10′ VF16 Modular Backwall Kit.

Assembled dimensions: 116″W x 95″H x 21.75″D

Picture yourself on the trade show floor in your modular trade show display.  You’ve got the technology, an illuminated panel wall and 4 other graphics to display your branding and messaging.  What do you say?  How do you say it?  Where do you place items knowing there’s a monitor mount that will hold an LED monitor you provide? The answer is to use great design principles in your modular backwall graphics.  You’ll want to place your logo and branding higher in a person’s sightline.  Focus on images that connect to your messaging.  Keep the text brief, focused, and not too overly wordy.  Nobody is going to approach a wall of text on the show floor. You’ve only got seconds to capture their attention, so you want to reel them in with something bold, exciting, interesting.

Because of the quality craftsmanship in each of our modular trade show displays, it’s likely your branding and messaging will become tired before your trade show display frame does.  In those cases, we recommend saving some of your marketing budget by opting for replacement graphics.  Replacement modular backwall graphics can bring you up to date.  If your branding has changed, your messaging, products, or even logo, you can bring it all current.  We even have options to do artwork for you.

With that extra room in your marketing budget, you may want to also explore some of the additional products we have for sale online.  Are you in the market for a new trade show reception counter?  Did you want to add a technology element to your display such as a media kiosk or iPad stand? Maybe you’d like to add some shelving or a bridge.  There are multiple options available for you to peruse.  For additional help, please ask one of our Account Specialists.  They can recommend something that will help you achieve your goals.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in