10’x20′ Designer Vertical Curved Fabric Backwall with Monitor Mounts Graphics


The 10’x20′ Designer Vertical Curved Fabric Backwall with Monitor Mounts Graphics:

  • 3 zipper pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Does not include hardware unless purchased as a part of the 10’x20′ Designer Vertical Curved Fabric Backwall Kit.

Assembled Dimensions: 232.06″W x 96″H x 33.67″D

Curves, angles and interesting twists to trade show display shapes require flexible and sophisticated fabric backwall graphics.  This is why we’ve used zipper pillowcase fabrics.  Zipper pillowcase fabrics stretch with the shape of the frame and pull tightly against the frame, offering more stability as well.  Soft to the touch, these graphics are also easy to install and dismantle.  Shimmy them over the top of the frame, cover the structure and zip.  When you’re done, unzip and pull them off.  It’s that easy.

Pillowcase fabric graphics are durable and tend to last for a long time if cared for well.  Exhibitors who only attend one show per year often find themselves in the dilemma of what to do when their graphics no longer accurately represent their brand.  The easy solution is to order replacement graphics.  With replacement fabric backwall graphics, companies can update outdated branding and messaging and bring their marketing current. The money saved by not abandoning the trade show display altogether can leave room in the budget to upgrade other accessories as well.

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in