10×20 HP28 Modular Display Kit


The 10×20 HP28 Modular Display Kit Includes:

  • Silver aluminum extrusion frame – center walls (2)
  • Tubular frames, sides & center wall (3)
  • SEG push-fit fabric graphics (2)
  • Pillowcase fabric graphics (3)
  • Six shelves for small product display; each shelf holds max 15lbs
  • Shelves come in black
  • Ships freight

Assembled Dimensions: 231.69″W x 95.45″H x 32.48″D

10x20 HP28 Modular Display Kit Graphics

The 10x20 HP28 Modular Display Kit Graphics Includes:

  • 2 SEG push-fit graphics
  • 3 pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Does not include hardware unless purchased as a part of the 10x20 HP28 Modular Display Kit.

Assembled Dimensions: 231.69"W x 95.45"H x 32.48"D


You have the opportunity to create graphics of a larger than life magnitude. Take the opportunity and run with it – it’s now or never.  Don’t waste your time designing 20-foot graphics that are only meant to be viewed from two feet away. Think about what you want people to see from three aisles over. Show them something that makes them want to visit your 10×20 modular display.  Attract them from across the room with sizzling graphics and bold messaging.  Drive them to your booth with a handsome 10×20 modular display like our 10×20 HP28 Modular Display Kit.

Grab attention with a stylish backwall with shelves for product display.  Simply sophisticated.  Keep your message simple: Exhibit halls are crowded with companies trying to get their message across. If your mission and value prop aren’t immediately apparent, your prospects will move on to the next booth.  Combine large format tension fabric graphics, modern extrusion profiles and polished laminates for an unmistakable high-design appearance in this 10×20 modular display. You’ll stand out better than many of your competitors.  By adding display lights (sold separately) you can also shine a light on your trade show display. Keep the focus where it belongs- on your products and services.  You want people walking away from your 10×20 modular display saying wow, I need to purchase those products!

The 10×20 HP28 Modular Display Kit-Key Advantages:

The 10×20 HP28 Modular Display Kit is a contemporary and angular modular exhibit. The backwall encompasses five fabric backwalls – three tubular angular shaped backwalls (the center and sides) and two extrusion based backwalls. Graphics are a combination of push-fit SEG fabric and pillowcase stretch fabric. Six shelves are built into the backwall to help you show and demonstrate small products. Create a dynamic feel with superior graphics on this modular inline display.

Weight 460 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 23 in

10x20 HP28 Modular Display Kit Graphics

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 34 in