10×20 HP31 Modular Display Kit


The 10×20 HP31 Modular Display Kit Includes:

  • Silver aluminum extrusion frame (5)
  • SEG push-fit fabric graphics (5)
  • Medium monitor bracket on center wall holds 32-55″ LCD*, max weight: 50 lbs /22.68 kgs
  • Six shelves for small product display; each shelf holds max 15lbs
  • Shelves come in black
  • Canopies feature three puck lights each for illumination on products
  • Backwall counters come in white
  • Ships freight.
  • *Monitor not included

Assembled Dimensions: 236.47″W x 95.45″H x 33.58″D

10x20 HP31 Modular Display Kit Graphics

The 10x20 HP31 Modular Display Kit Graphics Includes:

  • 5 SEG push-fit fabric graphics
  • Does not include hardware unless purchased as a part of the 10x20 HP31 Modular Display Kit.

Assembled Dimensions: 236.47"W x 95.45"H x 33.58"D


Put your products front and center – then shine a light on them as nothing works more effectively on a show floor than great lighting.  Grab attention with a stylish backwall with shelves for product display.  Elegance with ease.  Keep your message simple: Exhibit halls are packed with companies communicating their particular message.   If your mission and value prop aren’t immediately apparent, your prospects will just keep moving. How will they know why they should buy from you instead of your competitors if you don’t make it readily apparent?

Our 10×20 HP31 Modular Display Kit is a hybrid modular display.  This combines large format tension fabric graphics, modern extrusion profiles and polished laminates for an unmistakable high-design appearance.  This 10×20 modular display kit is one of those high concept displays that attract the attention you deserve on the trade show floor and make you look like a serious exhibitor.

10×20 HP31 Modular Display Kit- Key Advantages:

The 10×20 HP31 Modular Display Kit is a functional, fashionable 10×20 modular display kit that will turn heads at your next tradeshow. HP31 features five push-fit fabric backwalls. The center wall includes a monitor mount that can hold a medium monitor. Two of the backwalls feature three black shelves to display small products; canopies above include puck lights designed to shine light on products below. The right and left walls are areas for bold graphics and messaging; accent counters offer areas for reception and engagement. This inline 10×20 modular display kit has a little bit of everything for the ultimate tradeshow experience!

A rolling transport case is available as an add-on. This can easily be used again and again and as a handy way to keep your frame and graphics organized when not in use.  Multiple rolling transport cases would be appropriate to hold all of your 10×20 modular display kit.


Weight 370 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 57 × 33 in

10x20 HP31 Modular Display Kit Graphics

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 36 in