10×20 HP9 Hybrid Modular Backwall Kit Graphics


The 10×20 HP9 Hybrid Modular Backwall Kit Graphics Include:

  • 5 SEG dye-sublimated push-fit fabric graphic panels
  • 2 illuminated SEG push-fit fabric graphic panels
  • Replacement graphics do not include hardware; only the original HP9 Kit includes hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 228.38″W x 94.75″H x 40.13″D

What makes one exhibitor stand out from another on the trade show floor?  It’s basic design principles- color, light, and motion.  The 10×20 HP9 Hybrid Modular Backwall Kit includes the tools and accessories that give you the light and motion.  However, your display graphics are where you’re going to really shine and insert a little color.  The 10×20 HP9 Hybrid Modular Backwall Kit Graphics include two types of graphics.  One set is SEG dye-sublimated push-fit graphics.  Another set is illuminated SEG push-fit graphics.  The difference between these is the kind of fabric that is used to show the lights for illumination and the kind of fabric used for the dye-sublimation process.  SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics.  This means that a silicone edge is sewn onto the end of the fabric to ease gently into the hardware channel.  This makes your graphics appear seamless.  When SEG graphics undergo the dye-sublimation process, they are exposed to extreme heat and pressure.  This embeds the design and color into the fibers of the fabric itself.  As a result, colors appear more vivid.  They really shine on the trade show floor.  Another benefit of this process is they are fade-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. That’s particularly a win for you as you hold onto your trade show display for longer.

Over time, company products change.  Companies grow.  Marketing directions change.  Branding and messaging that were once sharp may feel outdated.  This is why we offer replacement display graphics.  You can update everything you ever disliked about your old graphics or refine them to speak to a new audience.  Now is your opportunity to refocus, refine, and bring everything current to truly stand out on the trade show floor.

If you need assistance in laying out your new display graphics design, we can provide that.  Please select the design time button for one of our friendly and knowledgeable designers’ consultative help.  They can help with color selection, logo placement, imagery, and more.


Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in