12.5′ Backlit Tension Fabric Display


12.5′ Backlit Tension Fabric Display Includes: 

  • Lightweight 12.5ft wide (5 quad x 3 quad) straight white frame;
  • Stabilizer feet included for a wider base and additional stability;
  • LED lights* and power supply included;
  • LED lights easily attach to the collapsible frame;
  • Perimeter channel bars connect to the frame to give it rigidity;
  • Premium textile graphic with SEG beading offered as single or double sided;
  • Rear diffuser graphic panel for single-sided units;
  • Comes in a molded, wheeled case.

Assembled Dimensions: 146″W x 88.94″H x 23.25″D

Our 12.5′ backlit tension fabric display is one of the best tools to increase your impact on the trade show floor. Opting for a sleek, freestanding tension fabric light box will give a significant boost to your trade show visual activations on account of the quality of the materials and the harmonizing LED illumination.

The only thing you have to remember about this type of backlit fabric display is to pack it properly after the trade show by rolling up the textile material. This type of cloth can develop creases or folding marks if not packed correctly but the advantages it brings are well worth your consideration.

12.5′ Backlit Tension Fabric Display – Key Advantages:

The reason to choose this material over a wrinkle free vinyl pop-up banner is that textile layout does not reflect light. This way you will have a glare free surface that fully puts the graphics into focus and gives a professional look to your trade show booth.

Once the strong textile material is stretched, the force transmitted within will eliminate any small wrinkles or curls ensuring your graphics and brand messages are exposed on a perfectly smooth surface. For high quality graphics, you have the options of sending us the ready to print designs or you can request a vibrant, high definition composition from our in-house team of graphic designers.

With a Backlit Tension Fabric Display, changing the graphics is easy and you don’t require any tools or professional help. The pop-up cage expands effortlessly while the channel bars connect with ease to the exterior of the structure to give it a solid frame for you to mount the long-lasting LED lights.

The stabilizing feet are easy to slide into the sockets of the base of the pop-up light box display giving it a sturdy, secure base.

When neatly folded, the textile material is really easy to transport and store together with the pop-up frame.


Weight 128 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 27 × 17 in