2.5 Square Table Top Pop Up Display


2.5 Square TableTop Push-fit Display Includes: 

  • Straight, collapsible white frame;
  • Lightweight and durable;
  • Perimeter channel bars connect to frame and hold push-fit fabric graphics;
  • Simple assembly;
  • Premium opaque fabric graphic with SEG beading offered with or without end caps.

Assembled Dimensions: 31.25″W x 31.38″H x 14.5″D

Organizations exhibit at a variety of different events- philanthropic, educational, trade shows, outdoor exhibitions, community fairs, and more.  Whether space is at a premium, or you’re only allotted a specific table in a row of your peers, you can still stand out with your branding and messaging.  Our 2.5 foot Square TableTop Push-Fit Display offers maximum branding opportunities within limited spaces without putting a strain on your budget.  Whether you are organizing a small B2B conference or upgrading the trade show table top pop up display you currently use, a TableTop Push-Fit Display will present your brand and messages without the need to carry around heavier or bulkier items that take time and effort to setup.  This is a great solution for a variety of events, whether space is limited or they feature restrictions on marketing and branding materials. It’s a must-have for your marketing materials.

2.5 Square TableTop Push-Fit Display – Key Advantages:

Ideally suited for small counters, demo stations and trade show tables, this versatile TableTop Display is the perfect catalyst for visual or product activations positioned close to your audience.  The real asset that comes with this exhibiting solution is that the second you notice passersby being drawn to the advertised message you can engage them.

Lightweight and easy to carry from storage to any location, this trade show table setup requires no tools to assemble or dismantle.

A small-scale frame also means that the graphics fabric is pretty straightforward to change and extremely cost-effective to replace when the message needs to be revamped for a different event or promotion.  Furthermore, fully upgrading your tabletop display with compatible accessories to achieve maximum impact is totally affordable. One idea would be to slide in 2 external LED lights (not included) on the dovetail on the top hubs and put a luminous emphasis on your brand.


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 7 in