20′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display


The 20′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display Kit Includes:

  • Two lightweight 10ft wide (4 quad x 3 quad) straight white frames connect to create an impressive 20ft display
  • Stabilizer feet included
  • Perimeter channel bars connect to frame and hold push-fit backlit fabric graphics
  • LED lights easily attach to collapsible frame
  • Premium backlit fabric graphic with SEG beading offered as single or double sided
  • Rear diffuser graphic panel for single-sided units
  • LED lights* and power supply included
  • Comes in two molded, wheeled hard cases.

*Lights have a one year limited warranty

Assembled Dimensions: 230.31″W x 88.94″H x 23.25″D

Make a statement on the trade show floor by putting your branding and messaging in lights.  Often, in a crowded trade show hall, lighting isn’t quite up to par.  When you’re in a row of multiple competitors, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the rest.  The great news is using very simple design concepts- color, light, and motion, you’re able to stand out better on the trade show floor.  Our 20′ Backlit Double-Sided Push Fit Tension Fabric Display Kit allows you to use 2 of these design concepts- color and light.

Key Advantages of the 20′ Backlit Double-Sided Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display:

Imagine how your graphics and messaging will stretch nicely against a taut fabric display back wall.  When you light it up, this has a more dramatic effect than a simple fabric back wall alone. The good news is that assembly of such a modern and stylish tension fabric display is easy.  To assemble our 20′ Backlit Double-Sided Push Fit Tension Fabric Display, you need only the instructions that it comes with and two hands.  There are no specialty tools that you’ll need for assembly.  Simply attach the light weight frames to assemble the hardware.  Insert the lights in the channel bar and zip up the pillowcase graphics around the display so it appears taut.  That’s it! This requires no union labor to help assemble your tension fabric display and you can be up and running in mere minutes.  Imagine how easy this will be for your team.

All items come in 2 molded wheeled hard cases for ease of transport and to protect your graphics from unnecessary wear and tear.  If you find that over time, you’d like to update your logo, branding, or messaging, we can accommodate that with custom reprinted graphics.  This is an easy solution to a 10×20 inline display need.



Weight 214 lbs
Dimensions 230 × 89 × 23 in