20 Ft Full Height Tension Fabric Display


20 Ft Full Height Tension Fabric Display Kit Includes: 

  • Lightweight, straight, collapsible white frame;
  • Kit Includes: 2- 4×3 frames, linking connectors and stabilizer feet;
  • Perimeter channel bars connect to frame and hold push-fit graphics;
  • Simple assembly;
  • Premium, opaque, push-fit graphic with SEG beading offered with or without end caps;
  • Two carry bags included.

Assembled Dimensions: 230.31″W x 88.94″H x 23.25″D

When you want your brand to make a statement on the trade show floor, place it on our 20 Ft Full Height Tension Fabric Display.  This beautiful display offers exhibitors the opportunity to announce their branding to visitors in full living color and size, on one of the largest off-the-shelf Tension Fabric Display solutions available.

Extremely straightforward to assemble and easy to carry for its size, this is the ideal back wall for any 10 x 20 ft or 20 x 20 ft trade show booth.

20 Ft Full Height Tension Fabric Display – Key Advantages:

The main benefit of this tension fabric display is its size.  Investing in a large, high-quality surface to advertise your brand on will give graphic designers the freedom needed to create a powerful visual message that can really draw in the crowd.

Investing in space, whether it’s the floor size of the trade show booth or its vertical elements sends an important message to trade show visitors: you care. You care about the image of your brand, but you also take their time and convenience seriously. If they decide they want to hear about your brand story, products and services, you are willing to invest in their physical comfort and the privacy of your discussion.  This all translates into more meaningful discussions on the trade show floor regarding your unique value proposition and your goods and services.  How? Because you’ve grabbed their attention with a big, bold, and beautiful trade show display whose graphics cannot be ignored in this larger sized trade show display.

On the practical side, a Full Height Tension Fabric Display is the ideal way to cover a wide surface with a clear, strong visual message that is not scattered upon multiple elements in the background. Having a single background element will also take the stress out of budgeting your trade show booth as it leaves no room for questions like “What else do we need to fill up that space?”  You may want to consider additional products to help you stay organized, receive guests on the trade show floor, and even help them in comfort but if you’ve got a budget, this is the way to easily fill up your space.  The additional items you can purchase separately are just icing on the proverbial cake.

The pop-up cage and its outside frames are made out of the same durable, long-lasting material as the rest of our tension fabric displays. The textile material is opaque and glare free so the display can conveniently be upgraded with compatible LED flood lights to put even more emphasis on your brand.


Weight 107 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 30 × 22 in