20 Ft Modular Display with Storage and Monitor Mounts


The 20 Ft Modular Display with Storage and Monitor Mounts Includes:

  • 50mm silver extrusion frame
  • Single-sided SEG fabric graphics
  • Convenient, lockable storage closet
  • Two medium monitor mounts hold 26″-40″ monitors/max weight 25 lbs.
  • Ships freight at 612lbs.

*Monitor not included

Assembled Dimensions: 224.21″W x 94.49″H x 51.4″D

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Tell the trade show floor that you’ve finally arrived.  Make a big, bold, splashy statement with this 20 Ft Modular Display with Storage and Monitor Mounts.  While other exhibitors will be occupying the same 10×20 trade show booth space with only a tension fabric backwall, you’ll have many more advantages.  This stylish and modern trade show display includes not only 2 monitor mounts for you to hang your LED monitors on, but also a lockable storage closet, which allows you to put your laptop in there to display your video on your monitors.  There’s no unsightly or cluttered look in your exhibit because you’ll be able to tuck everything away inside your own storage closet.

The 20 Ft Modular Display with Storage and Monitor Mounts- Key Advantages: 

You’ve got a brand story that you want to share with trade show visitors.  In this attractive 20 Ft Modular Display with Storage and Monitor Mounts, you have ample room to not only show off your branding and messaging on SEG fabric, but to also play it for the trade show floor on the two included monitor mounts.  Why try to convince people to come in using your booth staff when you can instead play it on video?

Video offers you a significant edge over the competition because you can use light, motion, and technology to show people what your products are and communicate your value proposition.  Not only can you play commercials that are sophisticated and speak to people, but you could also loop them with product demonstrations, or even your own clients’ testimonials.  Imagine how powerful that will be to visitors on the trade show floor.  Why just say it when you can show it to them in living color?

Set up of this modular display involves following the instructions and using the provided Hex Key and Allen Key to assemble the frame with free standing monitors inside of it prior to putting on the dye sublimated SEG graphics that will hide the stands.  The end result is something you can be proud of.  A small fabric steamer is also included to ensure your graphics look great and you’re show ready!

Don’t forget to add a trade show reception counter to greet your guests and to add some lights to further shine on your branding and messaging for visitors to see.


Weight 612 lbs
Dimensions 101 × 53 × 31 in