20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided Print Graphics


The 20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided Print Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic
  • Hardware is not included unless purchased as a part of the original 20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided.

Assembled Dimensions: 234.75″W x 92″H x 25.59″D

One of the best ways to maximize your exposure on the trade show floor is to opt for a double-sided trade show display.  This way, you can expose your branding and messaging to both sides of the aisle.  Created with a dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic, exhibitors are able to make a statement on the show floor.  The double-sided tension fabric graphics are very flexible and stretch taut over the frame.  Because they are dye-sublimated, they are also incredibly vivid.  The process of dye-sublimation marries extreme heat and pressure together to bake a design into the fibers of the fabric itself.  This produces vibrant colors and a fade-resistant finish. Your graphics will look great on your tension fabric display kit.

Sometimes, exhibitors want to change their messaging to appeal to new crowds at different shows.  Sometimes they also go through a rebranding process or develop new products.  For this reason, we offer replacement double-sided tension fabric graphics.  Affordable and made of the same quality fabric the original kit includes, these graphics can extend the life of your trade show display.

We recommend that when laying out your design, you take into account logo placement, complimentary imagery, and messaging.  No show attendee wants to read a wall of text.  Nor will they recognize your brand if the logo is at the bottom of your trade show display.  If you’re seeking guidance, we can offer hourly design time to translate your vision on the show floor.

After years of use, refreshing your display with replacement graphics can help you to save money.  Instead of purchasing a new display, these graphics are an inexpensive fix.  This can potentially leave you more room in your trade show budget as well. With the additional budget, you might want to look into hosting an experiential event or select some exhibiting accessories.  Items such as kiosks, reception counters, and more can help you to attract more people to your display. Please browse our website or contact one of our Account Specialists for recommendations.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in