20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided Print


The 20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided print Includes: 

  • State-of-the-art 30mm aluminum tubing with heavy duty internal spigot connectors
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Quick to set up
  • Reconfigures to a 10′ unit (additional graphic required)
  • Kit includes: one frame, one dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic and soft-sided carrying bag.

Assembled Dimensions: 235″W x 92″H x 17.72″D

Product Quantity

20' Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided Print Graphics

The 20' Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided Print Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic
  • Hardware is not included unless purchased as a part of the original 20' Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided.

Assembled Dimensions: 234.75"W x 92"H x 25.59"D


When you’re occupying a 10×20 trade show booth, often you’re in a line of others with your same exact display size.  There are some smaller 10×10’s thrown in there as well, but you’re really competing against the same sized businesses in your industry.  How will you stand out from the crowd of hundreds, if not thousands?  How do you compete with the larger exhibitors who have custom trade show displays?  The answer is to show your messaging and branding on both sides of the aisle.  Imagine a trade show visitor is strolling up another aisle and they happen to see the backside of your trade show display.  Your branding and messaging might intrigue them and cause them to turn the corner to visit your booth.  That’s why exhibitors opt for a double-sided tension fabric display.

The 20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided print- Key Advantages:

Reach both sides of the aisle with a double-sided tension fabric display kit.  When you’ve got something to say to as many trade show visitors as possible, you want to ensure that everyone sees it from multiple angles.  Our 20′ Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided print will help you to achieve that goal.

A tension fabric display, it’s incredibly easy to install and to dismantle.  The frame is made of premium aluminum tubing with spigots that allow you to snap it into place.  The graphics are zipper pillowcase graphics which means once the frame is assembled, you just cover the frame with your graphics and zip it up.  This not only makes your graphics appear smooth, but it also helps to stabilize the tension fabric display.

A soft-sided carrying bag is included for ease of transport between your car in the parking lot and the show floor itself.  When you’re not exhibiting, you can also keep your frame and graphics in here to keep them nice longer and to stay organized.   No more searching your office, storage or warehouse to find out where your tension fabric display has gone.  Keep all of your pieces in one spot for ease of use again and again.



Weight 129 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 66 × 18 in

20' Straight Tension Fabric Kit, Double-Sided Print Graphics

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 40 × 18 in