3.5 Ft Double-Sided Modular Accent Divider Wall


The 3.5 Ft Double-Sided Modular Accent Divider Wall Includes:

  • Toolless assembly; aluminum tube frames connect with snap buttons and all units come with easy-to-use twist-lock feet
  • Banner display includes one frame, two twist-lock feet, one single-sided zipper pillowcase fabric graphic and one portable carry bag.

Assembled Dimensions: 96.7″W x 96.2″H x 15.7″D

Already in possession of a magnetic or reconfigurable trade show display?  If you’re seeking some space away from your neighboring competitors, try a divider wall that works exclusively with our magnetic and reconfigurable trade show displays.  This double-sided accent wall is perfect for providing a sense of privacy to your exhibit, separating you from your neighbors in style.  The graphics allow you to present even more branding and messaging options to your intended audience on the trade show floor.  Do you have a new product launching?  Or do you want to include a specific tagline for messaging continuity?  Your 3.5 Ft Double-Sided Modular Accent Divider Wall can provide you the perfect canvas.

3.5 Ft Double-Sided Modular Accent Divider Wall- Key Advantages:

No longer do you have to suffer from neighboring competitors’ spillover into your trade show booth.  Instead, you can clearly define the boundaries of your trade show booth and expand your messaging capabilities at the same time.  Affordable and stylish, this is an elegant solution to many of the headaches that neighboring competitors experience.

Easy to assemble and install, this kit comes with all instructions necessary.  One person can do this alone without the need to hire expensive laborers and potentially blow your budget.  Instead, the frame assembles using snap buttons and twist lock feet.  The zipper pillowcase graphic just slides on over the frame and once zipped, keeps the graphics taut.

To ensure ease of transport of your modular accent divider wall to and from the trade show or event, one portable carry bag is included.  However, if you choose to purchase a separate hard wheeled storage/ transport case, you can easily also turn that into a reception counter to greet your guests.  Choose to stand out at your next trade show or event with a bold modular accent divider wall.


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 15 × 5 in