3.5 Ft Half Moon Reception Counter Graphics


The 3.5 Ft Half Moon Reception Counter Graphics Includes:

  • One dye-sublimated stretch Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG)
  • Replacement reception counter graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions:  42″W x 38″H x 18″D

One of the first things that trade show attendees see is your trade show reception counter.  Placed at the entrance to your trade show booth, it is one of the first things people notice because it’s in their line of sight.  Have you paid adequate attention to your trade show reception counter graphics?  They should pique interest and be inviting so you can welcome people into your trade show booth space.

The 3.5 Ft Half Moon Reception Counter Graphics- Key Advantages:

Our 3.5 Ft Half Moon Reception Counter Graphics are made of the highest quality materials.  These are dye-sublimated stretch Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) fabric.  SEG fabric is named so because of the strip of silicone sewn along the edge of the fabric.  This makes it appear seamless when applied to our 3.5 Ft Half Moon Reception Counter.  The dye-sublimation printing process is what really makes these reception counter graphics “pop”.  This process marries high heat and high pressure together to embed your design into the fibers of the fabric.  Most printing is only done on the surface level, so it can’t achieve the same vibrant colors.  The process of dye-sublimation also produces graphics that are fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and long-lasting.  These are superior graphics that you can use for many trade shows to come.

Because our 3.5 Ft Half Moon Reception Counter is also made of a very sturdy material, it’s likely that if you are taking good care of it, your branding and messaging will need replacing before the frame.  This happens all the time with exhibitors.  Often, their materials to exhibit on the show floor are still intact and ready to use, but their branding and messaging has aged.  In those cases, we recommend purchasing replacement graphics to ensure you’re presenting the right message to your intended audience.

The ordering process is simple.  We receive your high-resolution graphics, prepare a proof, and send it to manufacturing after you’ve approved the graphic proof.  Once it’s in manufacturing’s hands, it usually takes between 1-3 days to produce and then we ship it out.  If you would like a designer to help you redo your graphics from scratch and come up with something new altogether, then please select design time.  Then one of our friendly and expert designers will contact you to consult with you.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 in