3’x6′ Rectangular Light Box Fabric Display


The 3’x6′ Rectangular Light Box Fabric Display Includes:

  • 50mm silver extrusion frame
  • Single or double-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes packaged in one wheeled molded case for transport or storage.

Assembled Dimensions: 36.3″W x 71.12″H x 19.69″D


Whether you’ve got a small space or want to add to a larger display space, our 3’x6′ Rectangular Light Box Fabric Display offers you the perfect opportunity to put your most important products, branding, or messaging in lights.  On the trade show floor, it can be very dark.  The same can be said for various other events, presentations on stage, retail environments, and more.  This is why you need our 3’x6′ Rectangular Light Box Fabric Display to light up your most important branding and messaging.  What can you do with the extra attention this can bring?  You can sell more products to more people or announce the most important partnerships your business has.

The 3’x6′ Rectangular Light Box Fabric Display- Key Advantages: 

By putting your key messaging, product information, discounts, or branding in lights, you’ll be able to stand out from a potentially very packed crowd of exhibitors or presenters.  This is key to participating at any event.  You want to be the brand that everyone is buzzing about instead of your competition.  Put your name on their lips with this light box fabric display and keep it there.

Easy to assemble, the 3’x6′ Rectangular Light Box Fabric Display is composed of aluminum extrusion frames.  The lights are already attached to the frame, so there is no need to untangle a string of lights to then insert into the frame.  Instead, following the directions, you simply assemble the frame and then insert the push-fit SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics into the frame.  Then plug the lights into your power source.  Voila! You’re done.  When not in use at an event or at a trade show, it’s easy to use again in the lobby of your building, at corporate presentations, and more.  This is an extremely versatile light box fabric display that can meet many of your needs.

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 19 × 19 in

Single-Sided, Double-Sided