3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Graphics


The 3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Graphics Includes:

  • Double-sided SEG dye-sublimated push-fit graphics
  • Replacement kiosk graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 35.43″W x 94.74″H x 19.69″D

Whether you’re showing off your newest product line in a pop-up shop, inside a retail establishment, or on the trade show floor, you’ll want to ensure your kiosk graphics are up to date and looking great.  The 3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount includes superior quality graphics.  These are double-sided SEG dye-sublimated push-fit graphics.  These are some of the best quality graphics you can use for your kiosk.  You’ll want to ensure you choose your branding and messaging carefully with the monitor mount on one side to ensure it doesn’t hide your messaging.

The 3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Graphics- Key Advantages:

When you use double-sided SEG dye-sublimated push-fit graphics, you’re using long-lasting and durable kiosk graphics.  This is because of the combination of the fabric used and the printing process.  Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are high-quality soft graphics with a strip of silicone sewn onto the edge of the fabric.  They are also commonly referred to as push-fit graphics because this extra silicone edge allows for a smoother fit into the channel of the frame.  Once inserted, it creates a seamless look.  The printing process used to produce these kiosk graphics is the process of dye-sublimation.  Instead of merely printing on top of a fabric, high heat and pressure are used to imbue the design into the fibers of the fabric.  This produces graphics that are long-lasting, fade-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and vibrant.  The colors really “pop” when you look at these graphics.

Because of these superior kiosk graphics, it’s likely your frame will last longer than the messaging and branding on your kiosk.  This is only natural.  As new products are released or marketing messaging changes, we encourage customers to order replacement graphics for their kiosks. This ensures they’re still presenting relevant messaging to their intended audience.  Our graphics are usually printed in 1-3 days and then shipped out immediately using your specified shipping method.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 18 in