3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount


3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Kit Includes:

  • 100mm silver extrusion frame
  • Double-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics
  • Kiosk supports 26-40″ monitor*; max weight = 30 lbs
  • Monitor not included.

Assembled Dimensions: 35.68″W x 94.49″H x 25.59″D

3x8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Graphics

The 3x8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Graphics Includes:

  • Double-sided SEG dye-sublimated push-fit graphics
  • Replacement kiosk graphics do not include hardware.

Assembled Dimensions: 35.43"W x 94.74"H x 19.69"D


What’s the best way to connect with consumers, trade show attendees or event guests?  Media.  When you use media to connect with these groups, you’re better able to spark an interest in them.  This is a sleek, stylish way to display media at any trade show, event, in a retail or corporate space. Featuring a double-sided printed push-fit fabric graphic, easy to assemble 100mm (4in) aluminum extrusion frame and a single monitor mount, this kiosk is an ideal multimedia display solution.  This portable kiosk is easy to use, set-up, tear down and pack into shipping cases for convenient transport from show to show.  A variety of shipping cases are available for purchase.

Having a superior product doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, especially at trade shows, where it’s easy to get lost in the noise no matter how good your product and brand may be. To make a significant impact at industry shows or conventions, your booth needs to incorporate solutions that help grab the eyes of the passersby.  A graphically enhanced frame with an LED monitor is the answer.

3×8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount- Key Advantages:

Being able to display your products, goods or services with multimedia puts you steps ahead of your competitors.  You’ll be better able to walk prospects, leads, or customers through demonstrations, showcase your competitive advantage, and more.  Why tell someone when you can show them.  The double-sided kiosk with monitor mount allows you to do so on the trade show floor.

Set up and tear down is as easy as taking an allen key and putting the tubular frame together.  There are no special tools required beyond that, making it easy to follow the instructions provided.  You can be up and running in minutes before the show begins.  One person can do this alone.  You do not need to hire a team.


Weight 84 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 50 × 12 in

3x8 Double-Sided Kiosk with One Monitor Mount Graphics

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 18 in